In Australia I’m a high school teacher who specializes in English, Ancient History or for junior classes, Study of the Society and the Environment (SOSE), and Religion.

I became interested in teaching during Year 12, my final senior year. I had a fantastic English teacher who was scary, harsh and who pushed me harder than any other teacher to get an A in English.

I didn’t end up studying Education at university, but decided on Archaeology and Studies in Religion instead. It wasn’t until after I came back from spending a year in Japan after graduation that I decided to pursue a Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching. I had been teaching English in Tokyo and was so inspired by my students, I decided I wanted to become a fully qualified teacher.

I taught in Australia from 2007 until 2013, with a brief stint in Taiwan at a summer camp in 2011.

I have taught children as young as two, right up to adults. My preference is, however, for high school age to adults. I don’t know how to deal or relate to really, really young kids. I like playing with them, but not teaching them!

My students are fantastic and I’ve been lucky enough to teach salary men at a company, girls at a girl’s high school and boys at a dormitory. Right now I teach at a college and it’s great fun because my students are super motivated to learn. They want to share their stories in English and we both learn from each other.

Keep checking back to hear interesting stories about my interactions with students.