A tribute to Hiroshima

Dear Hiroshima,

Well, it’s been three and a half years now and I’m still here. My mum reminded me of that the other day. She seemed surprised to think that I’ve remained in a place that has given me the best and worst times of my life so far.


Probably because I used to run away from a lot of things when I was scared or when I felt like I’d just had enough. I guess you taught me to stick it out, or not necessarily to put up with things, but to change them when they were no longer serving me.

Hiroshima, I’ve learned a lot from you.

First and foremost, you helped me to finally find my groove.

I learned exactly who I am and I also learned that I will never be the same person I used to be because of you and my experiences here.

I learned that there are ghosts of my own here, but that rather than let them haunt me, I need to lay them to rest, or at least, let them go and do their own thing separately from me. Just like you, Hiroshima, I need to find that peace that exists within the depths of my soul.

I realised the other day, Hiroshima, that you are like my hometown in Japan; you have served a purpose that I so desperately needed and I thank you eternally for that. You have been a home to me, a place where I feel 100% comfortable and yet, recently, I have finally admitted to myself that I don’t feel the same about you as I once did.

I’m not saying I don’t love you anymore, I do, but it’s changed. I’ve changed. I feel that rather than growing, I’ve become stale and flat and lifeless. I can challenge myself here, but I want and need bigger opportunities and more stimulation than I know I will ever find here.

I didn’t want to admit that to myself because it meant I would have to leave you, Hiroshima; I used to feel the same way about my hometown in Australia. It meant starting over and going on new adventures and finding new people and new situations to learn from. Yet, if I had stayed where I was, I would never have met you, Hiroshima.

As much as I love you, I love me more and that means letting go. I cannot be with you forever because I know with all my heart that you are not who I am supposed to be with. You were for a time, but you’re not anymore and I will never meet who I am supposed to if I stay with you.

I’m crying here, Hiroshima, because it hurts. It hurts to admit that I was wrong and it hurts to know that even though I once loved you, I don’t feel the same way now.

My memories of you are good and bad and you’ve definitely given me some scars I will live with forever. Just like you, Hiroshima, I now wear them proudly because it shows I survived. I want to think that rather than letting them define me, I define them. Hiroshima, you have chosen to see your history as a marker of events that changed your life; you have turned them into something positive.

I am going to do the same.

Thank you, Hiroshima.



A little older, a little wiser and perhaps…

A little harsher.

Yes. I’ve evolved.

Like everything in life, people change and this year marks my third year straight here in Japan and in Hiroshima. I’ve learned a lot here, I’ve had a lot of great experiences but fuck man, I’ve also had some of the worst experiences of my life. I’ve cried many, many tears, but funnily enough (if I can use that term), all of that has involved men.

A friend saw me the other night and said, “Wow, your hair looks great and you look happy!”

He’s right. As I told him, I ditched all the shitty men in my life who I was letting hold me back and hence, being single and free is the best thing for me right now.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how long it takes to really settle in and it seems that three years is the significant milestone. I can say that after deciding to go to Tokyo last weekend, I have finally found my groove.

My first two years I spent socialising and drinking and going out a lot. Sure, I did meet people, but out of all of them, I don’t keep in contact with anyone. The real friends I met were ones I met when I was sober and at English cafes or events.

I don’t have a problem with having a drink and it’s part of life in Japan, but I felt after reading that so many people class it as their hobby or meeting people who complain that they want to change their life and then they just go and get drunk, is not something I’m interested in.

When I lived in Tokyo I was very young, I was naive and I don’t feel I was ready for the city back then. I didn’t cope with stress very well and I ran back to Australia.

It took me eight years to get back to Japan and I have never ever regretted that decision.

In the past, I felt like I wasted a lot of time here but now I can see that it was just me sorting out my shit.

I have had many conversations with Western men here and they all agree with me: most of them come here to escape something and most of them never get their shit together.

One American man told me the other day that women are far stronger than men and I said yes, I agree. The women here are far more ambitious than the men (I’m including Western and Japanese women) and seem to be able to deal with the stuff that’s thrown at them.

I was seeing a guy here for a few weeks and although I like him, I love myself far, far more. I sat down the other night with him and told him I will never consider another man in my decisions about my life. Tokyo helped me to see that the ambitious Jade that’s been hiding in Hiroshima for three years has finally broken free and I’m not willing to sit and waste my time here or anywhere else anymore.

I kind of feel like an older, wiser and definitely harsher Jade. I feel like my motivation mojo is back.

And I do need a change of pace and place.

P.S. This is kind of unrelated, but I can’t be bothered writing another post about it because I don’t actually care… I’ve discovered that men think more than me and when they finally start talking about it, they don’t stop. Please stop. You go around and around in circles and you’re all talk and no action. Don’t complain about your life when you know you have the power to change it. Secondly, not everything is about you. Stop being so self-obsessed. My daily writing prompts are fiction, creative fiction and if you recognise yourself in one of those prompts, maybe it means you’re guilty and you need to take a hard look at yourself.


When you stop punishing yourself for the girl you used to be…

…You’ll become the woman you’re meant to be.

That was the quote I posted on the weekend and one that’s been bouncing around in my brain ever since.


Because I was thinking back to when I was a few kilos lighter and how I was so disciplined with my eating and exercise and how maybe, just maybe I should revert to that.


Luckily my brain has formed new habits because yes, although I was a few kilos lighter, I was too skinny and I didn’t enjoy my food, I didn’t have anything to look forward to and I was obsessed with exercise.

Now of course, I’ve more than made up for all of that in the last few years with eating and drinking pretty much whatever the fuck I want. It may or may not be healthy, but I guess I’ve finally struck a healthy balance and splashing out occasionally is not an issue, nor something I should feel guilty about.

But I do feel guilty sometimes and I do still punish myself because I did it for so long that it’s a hard habit to break. I’m learning though.

In the past when I had my eating disorder I was also dreadfully unhappy and why, oh why, would I want to go back to that, even if it meant I was a few kilos lighter?

I wouldn’t. I never want to go back and I can’t go back.

I spoke to a friend yesterday and said although I don’t have my eating disorder anymore, just like an alcoholic you never truly recover. You do still have a few things you find yourself doing, but you know you’re okay when you recognise them and change them.

Hence, no more restrictions on myself. Restrictions never work.

I should also point out here that food and drink were never the issue. It all began back in university when the two most important men in my life: my boyfriend and my dad were either criticising me or leaving. I figured that by losing weight I would be so ugly that no one would want me anyway and thus, I wouldn’t get hurt. Crazy, but also strangely logical. And no, it didn’t work. Guys still liked me.

But I did learn a lot. I learned that happiness comes from within, it comes from being yourself and from loving yourself. It’s also a lesson I’ve had to remind myself of time and time again.

I don’t want to be the girl I once was. I want to be the best woman I can be.

No more deals and no more stupid and crazy rules and restrictions.

Life is to be lived.



The Sins of the Fathers (and Mothers)

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on psychology in the last few months and one thing that keeps cropping up is that childhood experiences are the basis of our lives. We often say that children are so resilient and they are, but what we don’t realise is that these childhood issues raise their ugly heads and fuck us up when we become adults.

I have been trying to understand why it is that my relationships with men fail and although I know that some of the men I’ve chosen over the years have certainly been less than decent, I also know I have a responsibility for my choices and choosing to accept and put up with what I’ve chosen.

I didn’t realise the connection until I received an email from my dad this morning, and I didn’t see the similarities between the men I’ve been with until now either.

It was like a lightbulb had suddenly been turned on and ironically enough it was the man who had originally hurt me who was able to shine some light on the situation.

It’s a multifaceted issue so let’s start with a few things my dad said and then I’ll relate them back to me.

Firstly he told me to understand myself and to never accept less than I want, need or deserve. I’ve been told this by a few people lately and I know it’s true but I guess the reason I keep some men around for longer than I should is also a multifaceted one. I’ll come back to this.

My dad said he doesn’t know how to love or feel it. Neither do any of the men I’ve been with. They feel something but they have no idea how to express it because it makes them feel uncomfortable. I’ve had men use jokes, deflection or simply get up and walk away. Many of them have told me their father or parents in general did the same or they just weren’t around so they have no idea how to love because they weren’t taught properly.

Is it coincidence that I keep being attracted to these men?


On a basic level I believe it’s because I’m so used to this it’s comfortable and normal. But being comfortable in this case could also mean preventing growth that is so desperately needed.

I have also believed in the past that I could somehow make these men love and be loved.

Wrong and the reason is evident in my dad’s next line and I quote:

“Your mother said to me I would grow old alone, and she is right because it is not about how many people who are around you but the WHO that is not.

I am not sure if there has ever been a WHO for me and that is why I am who I am.”

I still can’t believe what is so blatantly obvious to me in that wording is something my dad hasn’t yet recognised.

The person he and the men I’ve chosen believe is missing cannot be found anywhere but within themselves. Yes, the WHO is themselves!

So yes, the reason I cannot ever help these men is because these men don’t realise that they need to love themselves in order to be loved.

And I guess that’s also exactly what I’m mirroring but in a different way when I try so desperately to love them.

I said the same thing my mum did to someone last year. The similarities between him and my dad are uncanny. They have a lot of similar traits and even a similar upbringing.

I also have a love-hate relationship with this man.

I guess the last thing I want to say is that subconsciously and now consciously, I stayed with this man because I wanted his approval and because in some fucked-up way, he was the second chance to make it work after my dad.

That is not good enough and definitely not a healthy basis for a relationship.

I’m not saying it would never work, but to be honest, I think I have come to see and accept why this person came into my life:

He made me see the motives for why I love and the changes I need to make for a successful relationship.

Funnily enough I can now also see the men I never choose, i.e. some of my best friends, are the best men to love and who love me in return and tell me all the time.

Without that email from my dad I would never have learned the lessons I can see now.

Thanks Dad.


If he doesn’t try…

He's just not that into you.

It's funny what others can see in us that sometimes we can't or that we may simply be unaware of. Or…

That we may be unwilling to acknowledge and fix.

The other night a friend was flicking through some photos on my old computer and came across one I described as post breakup.

Her first words, "God, you were so skinny!" were quickly followed by, "Your eyes show you are deeply unhappy."

I peered more closely at the screen. She was right. Why hasn't I seen that before? It was blatantly obvious.

It's no wonder then, that friends have been saying for nearly a year how happy and stress-free I am.

It's true. I thought what I wanted again was going to make me happy when I'm actually already there.

As the same friend lamented her lack of boyfriend and whether she should sleep with this guy or that guy I suddenly said, "None of them because they're all just not that into you."

We'd also just been talking about the movie of the same name and they're also the same words that another friend's husband said to me last year, much to her horror.

He went on to explain that it had nothing to do with me but because the person in question just loved himself more. He meant the love was coming from a place of deep selfishness, not one of self-worth and respect.

My mum said the same thing to me this morning. She said that until now I obviously still hadn't thought I was good enough for better and was just going to settle. I didn't think I was like that.

I think what cemented it in my mind were the words I told my friend last night:

"I won't have to try and make the right guy like me or apologize for being myself. He will love that and just accept me like my family and friends do. It will be easy and he won't make me cry or question everything anymore."

I guess by saying them aloud to someone else for their benefit rather than my own I suddenly realized I believed in them and myself now.

I don't need to look for anything and neither does she. It will find us.

This is the stuff… 

That dramas and books are made of. Yes, the real-life stuff that people use as fodder or material for their creative outlets. People keep asking me when I’m going to start writing that book or best-selling drama. It’s coming, believe me.  

Before I say anything more, I know I am opening myself up to all sorts of criticism here: that I’m a bitch for sharing a private conversation for example. I’d like to point out that by posting this I’m showing just how much of an idiot I am as well for wasting my time on someone who obviously doesn’t give a shit about me. 

No, the reason I’m posting this is to provide an example to all those people out there who have had dealings with a narcissist. Yes, the people who will never ever be able to have a relationship with anyone else. The type of person who confuses you and leaves you waiting, hopeful that maybe, given time something will change. IT WILL NEVER CHANGE!

I won’t say anything more, you can read the transcript and decide for yourself. I am fairly sure that even if you think I’m a bitch, you will be left saying, ah yes, but he is still leading her on, giving her hope or, what the fuck is he saying and what does he want?! 

Without further ado, I present the last conversation. 

[LINE] Chat history with Felix

Saved on: 2017/08/12 13:25


07:29 Felix Once we cared for each other. You made me doubt and dream of a different future because I really enjoyed you in my life and wanted more of “us”. You were not alone with me…but now you are because I’ve stopped dreaming about a possible “us”.

07:29 Jack Crispy Huh?

07:29 Felix I do miss you…but it’s the past that I miss

07:29 Jack Crispy What do you mean I wasn’t alone with you?

07:30 Felix I’m kind of answering your email here

07:31 Jack Crispy I wanted more of us but I didn’t think you did

07:31 Jack Crispy Okay so that’s my answer…

07:32 Felix I don’t want to be cold and it’s dangerous to be warm with you

07:32 Jack Crispy I never cheated on you. I don’t know what you mean by you weren’t alone with me. You mean you had others?

07:32 Felix No

07:33 Felix Not that

07:33 Felix It’s actually quite romantic

07:33 Jack Crispy I’m so confused right now

07:33 Felix It means that I was your partner and felt what you felt

07:34 Jack Crispy I thought I wanted more and you weren’t willing to give it

07:34 Jack Crispy I wanted a future but you kept saying no

07:34 Felix That you weren’t “alone” thinking those thoughts of us

07:34 Jack Crispy Ah okay

07:34 Jack Crispy Wow I didn’t know that

07:34 Jack Crispy I wanted you and needed you so badly

07:34 Jack Crispy But I felt you were pushing me away.

07:35 Felix That’s how it ended yes

07:35 Jack Crispy I miss you all the time. Not a day goes by I don’t think of you.

07:35 Jack Crispy I see something and you’re the first person I want to tell.

07:35 Jack Crispy I wanted children with you.

07:36 Felix I loved that picture of you as a kid

07:36 Felix “Is that what it would look like if”

07:36 Jack Crispy Which one?

07:37 Felix I think I still have it somewhere

07:37 Felix You have super cute hair

07:37 Jack Crispy Curly?

07:37 Felix Very much so

07:38 Jack Crispy You have curls too.

07:38 Jack Crispy She or he would have curly hair

07:38 Felix Yep

07:39 Jack Crispy With big eyes

07:39 Felix And be so interesting to listen to while she/he discovers the world

07:40 Jack Crispy Absolutely

07:40 Jack Crispy Fluent in numerous languages

07:40 Jack Crispy Including Aussie

07:40 Felix I even think we would have done a good job as parents

07:40 Jack Crispy Me too

07:40 Felix I mean, we’re literally teachers

07:40 Jack Crispy Haha true

07:41 Felix Education would be super important

07:41 Jack Crispy Absolutely

07:41 Felix And your mom would have been in tears…of joy

07:41 Jack Crispy Yep

07:41 Felix And be part of that family

07:42 Jack Crispy She’s given up hope

07:42 Jack Crispy I told her you were it

07:43 Felix I told mine that I was falling in love with an Aussie

07:43 Jack Crispy What did she say?

07:45 Felix It wasn’t so much about you personally, I mean, she doesn’t know you. But she was happy for me. After a divorce it’s not easy to start dreaming again

07:45 Jack Crispy True true. I told my mum that you forgive me despite all my faults

07:46 Jack Crispy And boy do I have a lot of them!

07:46 Felix You’re not that bad, seriously

07:46 Jack Crispy I guess not

07:46 Jack Crispy I always thought we were mirrors

07:48 Felix Opposite of the same…maybe

07:48 Jack Crispy Yep

07:49 Felix So,can I ask about “him”

07:49 Felix The great guy

07:49 Jack Crispy There’s nothing to tell

07:49 Jack Crispy He said you’re still in love with Felix.

07:51 Felix Whatever we have now is a memory Jade, you better start thinking of the future.

07:51 Jack Crispy Well there’s my answer.

07:51 Felix You can’t look back and use “if” sentences

07:51 Jack Crispy I wasn’t looking back. I was looking to forget it and move forward.

07:52 Jack Crispy But I still want an us.

07:52 Jack Crispy You don’t.

07:52 Felix I don’t like your “all or nothing at all” approach but that’s up to you

07:52 Jack Crispy I don’t either.

07:52 Jack Crispy But…

07:52 Felix Hate me if that makes you feel better

07:53 Jack Crispy I can’t be just friends

07:53 Felix But really, I want you to feel better

07:53 Jack Crispy I can’t be just friends and hang out and want to touch you

07:53 Jack Crispy I wish I could but I hurts too much

07:54 Jack Crispy It I mean. Not I

07:54 Felix Fuck, we were cute together

07:54 Jack Crispy I push people away because I love them

07:54 Jack Crispy I know

07:54 Jack Crispy Really cute

07:54 Felix I that’s what I want to remember

07:55 Jack Crispy My heart feels like it’s splitting in two. It’s missing a huge chunk.

07:56 Felix Did you make up with your mom?

07:56 Jack Crispy Yeah

07:56 Felix Good to hear

07:57 Jack Crispy She asked me if I want to move back to Australia.

07:57 Jack Crispy She knows that if I stay here and aren’t with you then I will never get over it

07:58 Jack Crispy I don’t want to hear about you dating someone else. I don’t want to see you with someone else.

08:00 Felix Hiroshima is bigger than me. I like what you’re saying, it makes me feel important and (French accent here) “I am important”

08:01 Jack Crispy It’s not big enough.

08:01 Felix But don’t use me as the reason to leave Japan

08:01 Jack Crispy I’m not leaving

08:01 Jack Crispy I could run away but it’s not going to change the situation.

08:01 Jack Crispy I stopped running many years ago.

08:02 Jack Crispy Okay no more talking about the past. What’s done is done. What’s said is said. You know how I still feel and there’s nothing else I can do or say.

08:03 Jack Crispy I love you Felix and that’s that.

08:03 Felix I’ll be spending the next 4 days with my kids (very unusual thing and I’m so excited about it) so if we bumped into each other

08:03 Felix Say hi to Ester and Lilly

08:04 Felix Gotta start cleaning my place now that I think of it

08:05 Felix Sorry, I really screw up the closure I intended…but I’m not gonna lie….I like talking with you a lot

08:05 Felix You’re selfish when you only talk about your pain you know

08:06 Jack Crispy Talking isn’t enough.

08:06 Jack Crispy You’re selfish for giving me hope.

08:06 Jack Crispy I know.

08:06 Jack Crispy We’re both selfish.

08:08 Felix The last line was supposed to sound like “I wish you all the happiness with him” but I guess it ain’t gonna happen

08:08 Felix So a simple “good-bye” will have to do

08:08 Jack Crispy It’s not.

08:08 Jack Crispy If I can’t be with you I don’t want anyone else.

08:09 Jack Crispy Goodbye.

08:09 Felix 🙂

08:09 Felix You’re a fool

08:09 Jack Crispy No. Just someone who loves you.

08:09 Felix Goodbye

My final words to you about this conversation are that he was always like this, he will never change and yes, I know I put up with less than I deserve. You can make your own assessments about him but I’m fairly sure you agree: wtf does he want?!
The thing is though: I now know what I want. Myself. As Samantha Jones once said,”I love you, but I love me more.” I respect myself enough to not accept less ever again. I demand it. 

And yes, I’ll get over it. 

I love when people…

Presume to tell me what I feel and best of all, what I want.

Let me tell you about my two favourites.

At the top of the list is that I will want children when I meet the right man.

This argument is so flawed you have no idea.

Firstly, I have never wanted children. Can I just repeat that for those of you who didn’t hear it? Sorry, I mean the people who haven’t LISTENED. I have never wanted children.

Unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant people in the world who might have heard what I said, but do not listen. I realise that some people don’t understand this because they assume what they want is also what everyone else wants too. NEWSFLASH! Not everyone wants what you have!

Not wanting children does not make me a children-hater, it does not mean there is something wrong with me, it just means I do not want my own. I’m a kindergarten teacher, I love kids, but I have enough of them to feel satisfied and not require my own. I like being able to play with them and give them back at the end of the day and go home to my apartment, alone and do what I want. That does not make me selfish, it makes me honest. Those people who have children and then dump them on their parents, friends, whatever so they can do what they want, is selfish. When you have kids you have to change your priorities. I don’t want to change mine. As my mum has always said, “The physical act of having a child does not make you a good mother/parent.” True.

As a young girl I was also told that I may not be able to have children. At the time I was having major issues with my periods and even now, although everything appears to be normal, I will never really know unless I decided to try for them. No, don’t feel sorry for me. That’s the way life is sometimes.

When I meet the right man? For starters, that may NEVER HAPPEN! Just because you want me to meet someone does not mean it will actually happen. Believe it or not, sometimes people do not meet anyone. I’m not being negative, I’m being a realist. It is what it is.  I did meet someone last year who changed my mind for a brief moment in time. For a zillion reasons we aren’t together anymore and so this case is closed. It will not open again under any circumstances. I will not compromise on this for anyone ever again.

That brings me to my second favourite:

Time heals everything and you will get over him.

No it does not heal everything.

This is the most ridiculous argument for so many reasons. I would love to bring those ignorant arseholes to Hiroshima and say, yes, try saying that to an A-bomb survivor who lost everyone and everything they loved.

In my case, no. Some things will have dimmed, I give it that, but feelings run deep.

I was just saying to a friend today and to reiterate this point I’m going to reveal something I didn’t want to tell anyone (let alone admit myself), but I just need to accept it.

In fact, let me type out the conversation I sent to her today:


I’ve tried. I really have.

I hadn’t seen him for 6 months. Nothing.

But it’s still there.

And to be honest, I know it’s not going to. I know myself well enough. I know my heart very, very, very well. 

I do not have any interest in anyone. No one. I haven’t had any interest in anyone and I always like someone. I cannot forget him. No amount of tattooing my body can change that. Fuck.


I don’t want to meet someone new. I like the flawed, pain-in-the-arse person who I met last year who is not my type AT ALL. I would rather be single than be with someone who I’m not really into and is second best. I wouldn’t do that to someone, it’s not fair.

Let me just say, I don’t want to like this person. It makes life complicated, filled with drama and stressful, but for some reason, I like that. Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know the full story and had any of this happened to a friend I would tell her to run, but I am me and what I choose to do is my business. MY business.

So to the people who presume to tell me what I feel and what I want…