The problem with Western men in Japan

No, I won’t say anything here, because this article written by a white foreign male in Japan says everything and more.

The quote in the third last paragraph is classic and the second last paragraph says everything white, Western women know here about white, Western men. Too much baggage! Women deal with it, men run away.



A lover of sorts???

In a country where adultery is a cultural norm, I can’t say I was surprised to find this article on The Japan Times website. This article, however, is about the sex dolls that are now found in China for men.

Unlike the Japanese, the Chinese have always had a more conservative view towards sex, so I read this article with particular interest. Rather than being disgusted, I found the whole thing very, very sad; sad, in a depressing way.

The article outlines the reasons for providing such a doll, which interestingly enough, are identical to Japan: many men leave their hometown and/or families to relocate for work and living a bachelor’s life, find themselves wanting a companion of sorts.

Enter: sex-doll.

I am not condoning adultery in any form, but I will say that at least it is with another human being who is capable of reciprocating. As a doll, this alternative is devoid of the ability to express emotion and indeed, reaction and as the man in the article says, it has no soul.

I am deeply saddened that some people in the world are lonely enough to resort to a doll, rather than another human being. I’m concerned that these people are losing their sense of humanity and what it is to connect with others. Humanity is about talking to people, making connections with people and feeling an emotional bond with people.

I have no interest in trying to satisfy a need with something that will only ever be a poor substitute. I just can’t deceive myself like that.

Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong?