365 Prompt: December 15 2017

In the closet:

I wasn’t sure what had tipped the balance.

Was it the realisation that men were a constant source of disappointment to me and that none of them had ever kept their promises? Was it because I’d become addicted to watching videos of famous YouTubers like Hannah Hart or Gaby and Allison?

Or that I’d slept with my closest female friend and couldn’t stop thinking about her?

Probably all of the above if I was honest.

Yet, how did I explain all the men?

All I knew, was that it was like a light had suddenly come on inside my brain.

I’d be in the closet for so long, denying myself or perhaps, not fully aware of it, that I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. I just knew that I needed to step out into the light because I was totally into girls and I wanted to do things with my friend that I’d never wanted to do with anyone else.


365 Prompt: December 14 2017

Too much:

“Too much food!” I groaned as I clutched my stomach and rolled over on the couch.

My sister laughed. “Too much drink you mean!”

I moaned in agreement. Too much food and drink swirling around in my stomach and making me question why it was that we did this.

Why did we eat so much food and drink so much alcohol at Christmas, when we knew it would make us feel shitty?

The simple answer: we lived for the moment.

After last night’s binge, I wasn’t sure how many more moments I was going to live if I kept doing it.

I turned over to look at my sister.

“I’m giving up alcohol and becoming a vegetarian,” I declared.

Our mum’s head poked around the lounge room door. “Do either of you want a glass of champagne? We’re down to the last bottle.”

“I do!” I piped up.

My sister laughed.

365 Prompt: December 12 2017


Jeremy’s mother always told him you could tell a lot about a person from their socks.

Whether they were practical (plain black or a colour that went with nothing you owned);

Their income (expensive socks that lasted more than one wash or cheap ones that went fluffy straight away);

Whether they were fun or not (again, plain versus patterned)

And to his mother, the most important thing of all, whether they were rebellious (crazy socks worn with a suit that you only got a glimpse of when someone sat down or crossed their legs).

Jeremy looked down at his own socks that morning and noticed: they weren’t practical, they were so cheap he had a hole appearing on his right big toe after one wash, they were patterned with Ariel from The Little Mermaid and he was wearing a killer suit that didn’t match.

He sighed. He guessed that meant he was an impractical skinflint who had given up hope in women and settled for a fictional character instead.

What had his life come to?

365 Prompt: December 11 2017

He didn’t come:

I still remember the conversation I’d had with my best friend.

“What do you mean he didn’t come?” my best friend had asked me.

I shrugged. “Just what I said,” I’d replied. I didn’t know how else to put it.

My friend raised his eyebrow. “So he didn’t, ah, finish?” he asked again, clarifying the situation.

I nodded. “Nope, he said he just couldn’t get there.”

At the time I’d seen it as a personal failure of mine; now I believed there was something fundamentally wrong with him. I found out my friend agreed.

My friend shook his head in confusion. Before I could even open my mouth to say anything, he waved his hand.

“No normal man says that. No normal man has a problem doing that. If anything they have a problem with sooner rather than later. Notice I used the word, ‘normal;’ they isn’t anything, ‘normal,’ about this guy.”

I wished I’d finally accepted that sooner.

365 Prompt: December 10 2017

Sticky tape:

Felicity came into the classroom to find one of her students cutting out the shape of a heart.

“Oh, that’s so pretty!” she said to the little girl. “Did you draw that?”

Lisa, the little girl looked up at her with tears in her eyes and then burst out, “Yes, but it’s broken!”

Felicity looked closer and saw that Lisa had accidentally cut through one edge of the heart, leaving a big gash in the paper.

She tried to hide her smile.

“It’s okay!” she told Lisa. “We can use some sticky tape to fix it!”

As she tore off a piece of tape and carefully secured the two pieces together, she watched as Lisa’s usual smile returned.

Lisa threw her arms around Felicity and cried, “Thank you, Felicity! My heart is all better now!”

Felicity watched as the little girl bounced out of the classroom, holding the bright, red heart up with pride.

She sighed. If only it were that easy in real life, she thought to herself.


365 Prompt: December 9 2017

Next year…:

As Gabriel took a swig from his fifth, possibly sixth (who could really remember anyway?), beer of the afternoon, he wondered when the numbness would finally kick in. It seemed lately that he needed to drink more and more in order to forget everything that had happened.

The loss of his girlfriend, the loss of his job (“Gabriel, only you are to blame for this,” his boss had said) and now, the lost hope of any reconciliation with any of the people he had once been lucky enough to call friends, was overwhelming.

He went to set the bottle down on the floor beside him, but managed to knock it over instead and spill it everywhere.

“Merde!” he cursed.

He always resorted to his native language when he was angry. Or sad. When he was both, he seemed to lose all ability to speak English.

What was going to happen now? he thought to himself. Here I am, in my mid-thirties with nothing left of my previous life and nothing to look forward to.

She’d been right, he concluded. He was fucked up. And you’ve spilt your beer, he thought to himself. I need another.

Passing the calendar on his wall, he noticed that it was nearly the end of December. A whole year had passed and despite some things changing around him, he was still the same, doing the same things and getting no where.

She wasn’t though. She was moving ahead in leaps and bounds. After they’d split, his girlfriend had tried to reconcile with him more than once and he’d pushed her away yet again. What the fuck was wrong with him?!

But she’s come out on top, his subconscious whispered. Yet you, my friend, have hit rock bottom. And that’s where you deserve to stay.

Maybe a new start was what he needed. Maybe I should move too, he thought to himself.

Maybe you should reconsider having another beer, his subconscious spoke up again.

Maybe, he thought, but then he reached into the fridge for another and said to himself, “Maybe next year…”