365 Prompt: October 17 2017

Dead leaves:

I didn’t have the strength to hold onto them for any longer. I needed to let them go. It was time.

They were dead leaves after all and they were weighing down my branches.

I needed to get ready for winter.


365 Prompt: October 14 2017

The law:

I remember my father handing it to me: the two stone tablets with the law clearly inscribed on them.

I remember the words he said to me: “Keep these always and your people will follow you.”

The thing was: I didn’t believe in most of them and I didn’t want the people to follow me. I wanted the people to think for themselves and to challenge the totalitarian society that had suppressed us for so long.

My father’s first mistake was that he put a woman in charge.

I wasn’t going to keep quiet after all that had happened and I wasn’t going to simply accept the position I was supposed to just agree to.

That wasn’t my style; I had my own and I intended to show it.

365 Prompt: October 13 2017

Note: This story is inspired by some of the messages and conversations my ex and rapist had with me about how he viewed the situation. I haven’t exaggerated anything in that respect. As you can see, he’s a real charmer.


It was an unwritten law but one that anyone with morals and a brain knew not to break:

You didn’t take advantage of someone who couldn’t say no to sex.

If you did, there was only one word for you and that was rapist.

That’s what she’d told me anyway.

But I didn’t see it that way.

I mean, seriously, she was my ex for starters and she was drunk AND she came all the way to my place out in the countryside to see me. She obviously wanted it.

And so I’d fucked her.

It was just as good as I remember and I had to admit, I’d missed it. The sex was amazing. She was amazing.

But I didn’t want anything else from her.

I couldn’t understand why she kept going on and on about it. I mean it’s not like it was violent. She was passed out in the beginning anyway. I just knew I wanted to be inside her and so I’d pushed my dick into her from behind.

I hadn’t come that much for a long time and coming inside her felt so good. I still remember how I’d groaned out loud. She was totally silent which was unlike her. I guess it was the alcohol.

Next morning I felt a bit bad and asked her if I’d taken advantage of her. She didn’t really answer so I took that to mean no.

It wasn’t until months later that she told me I’d raped her.

I didn’t mean to hurt her; it just felt so good.

But I wasn’t saying sorry for something I don’t consider was wrong.