Jack Crispy is me, a 32 year old female who is originally from Australia, but now calls Hiroshima, Japan, “home.”

I have a wide range of interests and my eclectic taste in fashion sometimes makes it difficult for people who wish to define exactly who I am, but it suits me just fine! For that reason, I don’t consider myself to have just one occupation or title. I am, in no specific order: a writer, photographer, anthropologist/archaeologist and teacher.

My sense of fashion in particular differs from day-to-day depending on how I feel or what kind of image I want to present to the world around me. I like to create different personas and I believe Jack Crispy is one aspect of this. Jack Crispy has developed a fondness for long, red, curly hair and when I’m wearing that wig, I ooze confidence and can do anything. Jack Crispy is the person I want to be, but am scared or too shy to be in a normal situation. She can get away with far lewder, sexier and outrageous behavior than I can, yet recently I have noticed that I’m slowly becoming Jack Crispy. Or maybe, Jack Crispy is becoming me… 😉


The story of how I got my nickname harks back to 2013 when I was teaching in Australia. It was Parent Teacher Interview time and as always, one parent had missed the deadline for scheduling an interview so she called the school office to arrange another time. I was in class when she rang so when I got back to my desk, I found her message and called her back during my spare period. I knew the second she didn’t answer and a recorded voice said, “Please leave a message after the beep and it will be converted to a text,” that it was going to turn out badly. I’ve watched enough ‘Ellen,’ and seen plenty of memes to know that predictive text and voice conversions always screw up what you really want to say. I took a breath and said, “This is Jade Brischke calling from the school, just returning your call.” I hung up reluctantly and said out loud to the other teachers who were in the room, “I hate those voice messages, they always change what you say!”

And so it was that an hour later, the entire staff of the school received an email asking if anyone knew who Jack Crispy was. Apparently a parent had called saying that someone from the school had called her. When the office staff tried to explain that no one by that name worked there she became irate. I read the email during lunchtime and I remember a lightbulb suddenly going off in my head and I’d exclaimed, “Shit! I’m Jack Crispy!”

To cut a long story short, the office staff knew the moment I walked in, that it was me who’d called and everyone else on staff thought it was hilarious. The men, being Australian (and having an obsession with using last names as nicknames) now referred to me as ‘Crispy,’ while the other female staff just called me ‘Jack.’

When my senior students heard the story they insisted that my Japan Trip 2013 t-shirt HAD to have that as my nickname on the back. During my travels throughout Thailand later that year, my new friends and travel buddies insisted I start a Facebook account using my nickname. One of them also christened me, ‘J Crisp.’ Just like Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy (or whatever he chooses to call himself these days!) there were always going to be people who modified my nickname to suit the situation.

Although the Facebook account has been good for avoiding people who search using my real name, it has caused some confusion in Japan. Comments like, “But isn’t Jack a man’s name?” are frequent and recently a good friend (albeit a little slow! 🙂 ) was shocked to discover Jack isn’t my real name. Throw into the mix trying to explain in broken Japanese why I’m called Jack and you’ve got yourself a whole heap of fun! 🙂

The most recent variation of my nickname is ‘Princess Jack,’ as it was my birthday and my friends from my favorite cafe presented me with a crown to wear for the entire day.




This blog is a creative outlet for my writing, photography, street art obsession, fashion, reading, exploration adventures, social activities and teaching ideas.

I have designed it so that each of my interests has its own tab and therefore page. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and reading whatever it is that sparks your own creative juices or just makes you think or smile. xxx ooo




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