365 Prompt: December 10 2017

Sticky tape:

Felicity came into the classroom to find one of her students cutting out the shape of a heart.

“Oh, that’s so pretty!” she said to the little girl. “Did you draw that?”

Lisa, the little girl looked up at her with tears in her eyes and then burst out, “Yes, but it’s broken!”

Felicity looked closer and saw that Lisa had accidentally cut through one edge of the heart, leaving a big gash in the paper.

She tried to hide her smile.

“It’s okay!” she told Lisa. “We can use some sticky tape to fix it!”

As she tore off a piece of tape and carefully secured the two pieces together, she watched as Lisa’s usual smile returned.

Lisa threw her arms around Felicity and cried, “Thank you, Felicity! My heart is all better now!”

Felicity watched as the little girl bounced out of the classroom, holding the bright, red heart up with pride.

She sighed. If only it were that easy in real life, she thought to herself.



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