365 Prompt: December 7 2017

I hate Christmas:

“I hate Christmas in Japan!” I complained to my best friend. “I love the cold and the chance of snow, but the whole lack of family thing… and what the fuck is with fried chicken?!”

He just gave me a look. He knew I was counting down the days.

“You’re not even going to be here for Christmas this year,” he said pointedly.

“Yes, I will,” I replied. “Kind of, anyway. I leave on Christmas Day.”

Another friend had told me I was spending Christmas in the best possible place: in the sky.

She was right. I would be flying out from Tokyo on Christmas night and arriving in Australia on Boxing Day.

I couldn’t wait.

Then again, I knew there would be things I missed.

Cheap alcohol for one.

The place itself? No. I wasn’t attached to it anymore. I’d let go awhile ago and I knew that once I touched down on home soil again, I would be severing ties with everyone from the place too.

The chapter was coming to a close…

And a whole new book was beginning.


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