365 Prompt: December 4 2017


I had no idea who he was.

All I knew was that a very good looking man had approached me at the bar and offered to buy me a drink.

I was immediately suspicious and so I’d told him to fuck off and that I could buy my own drinks, thank you very much.

He’d laughed which had only made me angry and so I’d walked off and left him standing there shaking his head.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I opened the newspaper and saw a photo of myself on the second page with him and the headline, ‘Big star not immune to rejection.’

How was I to know he was one of the most famous new talents in Australia? I’d been out of the country for so long and wasn’t interested in keeping up with celebrities from any country, let alone my own. Besides which, I had no interest in getting involved with anyone anymore. I was perfectly happy by myself and no man was going to give me something that I didn’t already have.

Except horrible things like STDs and that was reason enough to stay away.


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