Let the countdown begin!

Oh my god, the stress! Yes, as you all well know from my post yesterday!

But, after taking a day off work , sleeping all morning, having a shower and eating sushi for lunch with a side of gelato afterwards and then heading home for another four hours of sleep, I went for coffee, listened to some podcasts and came home to find…

Bingo! My uterus finally decided it was time.

And thank fuck for that.

It’s also time to announce that the countdown has begun.

25 days! 25 days until I leave Hiroshima and Japan.

It’s been a ride and yes, of course the good has outweighed the bad. I’ve experienced more than I ever thought possible (and in some cases, more than I ever should have) and I’ve become a really fantastic person. Or perhaps I should say, I just realised that the fantastic person has always existed and I couldn’t see it. Believe me, I do now!

I’m not going to write a huge list of things I did here and will always remember because they’ve gone. Time for the next chapter of my life to begin.

I do, however, want to say that my last few days here I really want to enjoy. I feel a lot less stressed today than I did yesterday and as my mum would tell you, I always stress, despite the fact that I know everything will be done on time and okay. 🙂

I’m going/coming home!

Let the countdown begin!


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