A letter to my friends

Dear friends,

I know you have only the nicest sentiments for me but please forgive me when I say this:

I do not have time to go out with each and every one of you. In fact that’s why I’ve decided not to. I don’t want to give special preference to anyone.

It might also be the reason why previously I’ve just left countries and not said goodbye.

It’s easier.

Sure I don’t like saying goodbye but the real reason is because you asking to see me when you know how busy I am is stressing me out. So much so that my period is 6 days late and this morning I’ve woken up with a sinus infection yet again.

I would much prefer your help to clean and pack up then drinking with you and losing a day because I’m hungover.

I don’t have time. Do not ask me again.

Love Jade

P.S. And no, I won’t be changing my mind. Do not ask me again.


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