365 Prompt: November 25 2017

Note: Aahhhh! I have no idea why this didn’t post yesterday! Sorry!!!


“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” my mother always used to say.

I was never sure what she meant until I met a man who charmed me. My friends all warned me, but I didn’t listen. I thought I was different and that maybe I’d be the one who saved him.

I know now that nothing can save him.

I’d heard stories of what he’d done to women. Some of the stories he told me himself, but for some reason I didn’t hear them. Sure, I listened, but I didn’t hear; at least, I only heard what I wanted to.

And perhaps that was my downfall. No, I’m not blaming myself for what happened, that was entirely his fault, but I know fully understand the meaning behind my mother’s words.


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