365 Prompt: November 18 2017

Her husband: 

Looking across the table from where she sat, she stared at the man as though he was a stranger.

She knew perfectly well that he was her husband, but after the bombshell he’d dropped, she wondered when she’d stopped knowing him.

“It’s a mid-life crisis,” her married friends had told her.

“He’s just a selfish arsehole!” her single friends had told her.

She suspected it was a bit of both.

How did you marry someone, compromise for them, support them through everything and then discover they didn’t love you anymore? Maybe had never loved you. At least, that’s what they’d said.

That had been nearly 20 years ago and since then she’d flourished in all areas of life. She had a job she enjoyed, interests that were hers and hers alone and a daughter that meant the world to her.

How different life would have been if he’d stayed.

She thanked her lucky stars (or perhaps God) every single day that he’d walked out.

You didn’t need garbage in your life and he’d taken out the trash when he’d gone.


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