365 Prompt: November 10 2017

Used tea bags:

I’ll always remember that one friend of mine.

She was kind and generous to a fault, except for those used tea bags.

I’d go over, she’d ask if I wanted a cup of tea and when the water had boiled and she’d poured it into a cup, she’d reach for a teabag she’d used earlier and saved by the side of the sink.

To me, reusing teabags was the epitome of stinginess. The rule was that you used one teabag for one person for one cup of tea and then threw it away.

I couldn’t understand it because her husband had his own business and they lived in a three-tiered house. It’s not like they were on the poverty line.

After that first time I learned to say no to her offer of tea. I didn’t want someone else’s sloppy seconds.


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