365 Prompt: November 9 2017

No, you don’t:

I have no desire to be doing this when I’m 40, I had told my mum in no uncertain terms.

No, you don’t, she had agreed.

She knew me better than I knew myself obviously because she had predicted I’d be back. She knew that in my third year of living in Japan I had finally been able to see things as they were and not as I wished them to be.

I’d faced every fear I had here and survived. Sure, I had a few extra scars, more emotional than physical, but I was stronger, wiser and more beautiful than ever because of them. I’d also lay to rest every ghost that had haunted me here and knew they’d only ever been figments of my imagination anyway.

I realized I didn’t have any regrets after all. Sure, that one choice last year had been a mistake but thank fuck I had at least cured myself of settling for second best. And, I was able to spot a narcissist and psychopath a mile away. I wouldn’t be falling for that bullshit again.

Yep, I’d done everything I’d set out to achieve here and it was time to stop putting my own dreams on hold simply because it was scary to take a leap. God knows I’d taken plenty of leaps in my lifetime and I’d since learned to listen to my gut and this time I was going to follow it.

Onward and upward.


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