Out of the mouths of babes

This is a series of dialogue between me and two of my little guy students yesterday during playtime outside.

S: “Jade, A doesn’t have a mummy anymore!” (looks incredibly sad)

Me: “Yes, he does, she’s just in hospital having a baby.”

S: “Well then how did he get to school today?”

Me: (thinking, oh my God, men can drive and are capable of bringing kids to school too!) “His daddy dropped him to work. Isn’t that right, A?”

A: (nods) “Yes.”

Me: (thinking the conversation is over when A pipes up).

A: “Daddy said, ‘Grandma will bring dinner over tonight, okay?”

Me: (again, thinking the conversation was over).

A: “But when Mummy heard that, she said, ‘Nani ga? Papa wa baka da yo!’ ”

I couldn’t stop laughing. In other words, or in English, Mummy was like, “What?! Your daddy is an idiot.”

Thank you, A for making my day! 🙂


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