365 Prompt: October 31 2017


There were ghosts everywhere. I guess I had known that all along but I hadn’t been able to see them until now. I’d only felt them.

Now they existed as separate entities that smothered me with their whiteness; their translucent ends flapping to remind me of their presence.

As if I could forget.

I eventually confronted them one day because I knew that until I did they would continue to haunt me. They told me in no uncertain terms that I was to leave.

They weren’t angry with me. They were simply saying that there was nothing left here for me. I already knew that though. They were simply confirming it.

They told me that if I stayed, my soul would be sucked dry by them and the past memories they held and that I kept replaying in my mind, would cause me to lose my sanity.

Sometimes I wondered if it had already happened.


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