The White Men of Japan

“What the fuck is wrong with the white men here?”

This was the first question out of the mouth of my new Australian female friend when I met her for coffee on Friday.

I laughed and replied, “Oh, you noticed? That is the million dollar question.”

Some of my foreign female friends here said maybe I was being negative, but I suspect deep down they agree with me but are’t quite at the point of admitting that they think the same thing. Let’s face it, nobody wants their illusion to be shattered, especially after keeping it up and believing in it for so long.

My friend and I immediately began swapping stories about white men we know or have been involved with in some way in Hiroshima.

Men, take note: women talk. A lot. We share our stories of shitty men and the wrongs they did/do and we make sure the stories are passed on. If you fuck us over, we will make sure that no female ever gets hurt by you again. You don’t have a chance in hell against us. Best of all, we believe each other. We know women don’t make up stories about sexual harassment, abuse or rape. We’ve all been there in one way or another; some far worse than others. And us Aussies girls… we are a whole different breed (read my next post). Let’s just say, we have everything in Australia that can kill us; we’re used to that.  If you do something to hurt us, we will get over it because you haven’t got a THING on those dangerous creatures. And we know how to fight. And we will/do.

We could both spill the beans on a lot of men we know here, but we wouldn’t do it on public media (unless they REALLY fucked up- yes, rape is one exception and you, Mr. F, already know I’ve done that- so does everyone in Hiroshima). The men we talked about are simply very, very troubled. They’re not bad guys generally, they’re just fucked up. I know we all are in some way; that’s humans, but as my friend and I agreed, women cry, get drunk with our friends for one night and then move on. Men don’t. One man she knows is still pining for an ex two years later who made it very clear she doesn’t want to get back with him. I’m not making these statements about men up; my male friends have told me time and time again that women are much stronger mentally and emotionally than men and they get over stuff very quickly.

I think the best quote I’ve heard ever and what my friend said in conclusion about this topic the other day was: “White men come to Japan to run away, white women come for an adventure.”

I could go on and on about this topic, but I won’t. There’s no need, because I cannot top that quote.

Let’s just say that both of us agree we wouldn’t touch another white man here if he was the last man on earth. They have too much baggage and they moan and groan and never fix their problems. They just avoid it by using alcohol or sex and it stays with them.

I would rather be single and happy than unhappy and dating a white man who treats me like shit because of his fucked-up issues.

Final note: There are some married white men here who are lovely; they are the rare few who sorted their shit out and got it together. They’re the ones we are friends with and actually like.




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