Aussie chicks: a breed apart

Us Aussie chicks (girls, women) are different from other women. I’m not sure if it’s because we have the most dangerous animals in the world and pretty much everything can kill you, or maybe it’s because we’re an island nation that’s been isolated for a long time.

Either way, we’re different.

As my Aussie female friend and I swapped stories the other afternoon/night, I immediately adapted my mannerisms and watered-down, tame English I’ve been using for years and became a proper Aussie again.

“Fucking oath, I know!” I exclaimed.

Aussie girls like to swear. And we’re honest. Sometimes brutally so. We don’t like playing games and if a man fucks us over, he’s not only going to hear about it, but in the end we’ll just walk away.

Aussie girls are resilient. We have to be. Most of our home country is desert and the sky, ocean and land are hotbeds of things that will sting, bite, stab or eat you. We know how to kill a snake and we will.

As we talked the other day, I told her of a white man last year who, rather than telling me directly that he wanted me to be more demure (demure isn’t something Aussie girls do), he told some ridiculous fucking story about the Jurassic Park scene of the goat and T-rex (or Raptor or whatever it was). I had no fucking clue what he meant and ended up eventually watching the movie again to see what he was on about. He’s a wanker (an Aussie term we use a lot).

What he wanted, was for me to be less enthusiastic about sex. Maybe that’s an Aussie girl thing. We like our sex and we will tell you. We will not hesitate to say we want it and as my friend summed it up yet again with her beautiful Aussie honesty, she said: “We want someone who rips our clothes off.”

Yes, we do.

That’s when I told her after four years in Japan I have finally reached the point where I can see the appeal of Aussie men. They might not always be the most romantic guys in the world, but they’re honest and they have good hearts (most of them- like people everywhere). And they will never ask us not to be so enthusiastic about sex. They’re Aussie, hot-blooded men. Thank fuck.

The same man (the T-rex dude/Raptor, whatever), also told me he didn’t like me drinking. That’s something you should never say to an Aussie woman.

Thinking about all that now, I wonder how or why I ever put up with his bullshit for so long. Sometimes us Aussie girls fall in love and do that kind of thing, but eventually we see the light and we will fuck your arse off as soon as we can and never look back.

I started looking into this topic yesterday and found countless articles of men and women who are now dating Aussies and have some advice. Here are just a few links for you to enjoy.

And perhaps the best article I found because it’s ALL true:

And a story from a man living in Japan who is now dating an Aussie girl and not a Japanese one…

If I was a guy I would totally date an Aussie woman, but I’m starting to think that maybe us Aussie girls are too much to handle for men here, unless it’s another Aussie man. I know people will read this (men, I mean) and be all, “Oh, that’s fucking not true! Rah rah rah!” but seriously, if it’s not true, prove me wrong. I don’t have any issue with being proven wrong.

We like men with balls because us Aussie girls sure as hell have them too.


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