365 Prompt: October 28 2017

Status update:

I didn’t really want to change it to be honest. That one little detail made all the difference.

How did you explain something like that to your family and loved ones who hadn’t seen you for years and relied on your posts to find out minor things about your life?

Except this wasn’t minor.

It was MAJOR.

How would they feel finding out like this instead of hearing it in person?

I didn’t really want to change it because it meant fielding a heap of questions and hearing accusation after accusation from not only my family members, but friends who would say I obviously didn’t think much of them if I didn’t tell them first.

I wanted to say, “It has nothing to do with you, that’s why I didn’t say anything,” but I knew that would only cause more trouble.

My status update had been, ‘single,’ for so long I didn’t know how to suddenly say I was married. I’d skipped the whole relationship status and as far as social media was concerned, I’d already broken the rules.

Instead, I just decided to disappear.

One little click and my account was deleted.

Fuck you, Facebook, I thought to myself.



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