The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 18


Last week I told you I was going to report on Halloween stuff for this week’s column. I did a bit of this back in Chapter 12, but that was a general discussion. For this, I decided to combine two weeks of columns and focus specifically on using Daiso items to make a costume: namely mine for my school’s Halloween party which is this week.

Well, that was the original plan… but anyway, let me proceed and then get back to this point later on.

Before going to Daiso, I thought I’d go to Donki or Don Quijote for some inspiration. For those not familiar with the shop, it’s a discount store with… well everything in the world. Think of it as a type of, ‘if-you-can’t-find-it-here-than-it-doesn’t-exist,’ kind of place.

Well… I knew it before, but seriously Japan, there are other things in the world that you can dress up as (if you’re a woman) that do not include the word, ‘sexy.’

Sexy nurse.

Sexy policewoman.

Sexy teacher (excuse me, I’m a kindergarten teacher- there is nothing, ‘sexy,’ about my job!)

I’m wondering though why they don’t have say, ‘Sexy funeral parlour director,’ or ‘Sexy accountant.’ Are they saying these jobs aren’t sexy? Or, are the people who do these jobs not sexy? Seriously though, have the people who made these costumes seen some of the nurses or policewomen or in fact, teachers, who exist in the real world? Just saying!

Anyway, I’m not sure, ‘sexy,’ is the right word. Maybe they could rename the costumes something like, ‘Slutty nurse,’ or perhaps, ‘Sex worker nurse,’ instead.

Now, after all the talk this week (and last) about Harvey Weinstein and yes, the fact that I’m a woman, should stop me from saying or writing any of the above comments about other women because hell, we should be able to wear whatever we want; I agree. I’m simply wondering why every single costume for women needs to consist of… well, very little material and more of something you’d see in a porn magazine or possibly an adult shop. Probably because they were designed by men or stupid women who feel that they need to wear this shit for whatever reason.

Okay, I’ll stop with my political rant and continue with the real point of this column: my Daiso costume.

After being overwhelmed by all things sexual in Donki, I decided this year to just go to Daiso for all my Halloween costume needs. It’s super cheap as opposed to 3000-4000 yen for a costume and it’s not pre-packaged and generic (read boring).

So… the question is… what should I go as? I still haven’t really decided at this point in time, but I do have a few ideas…  I don’t want to choose in a hurry though just for the purpose of this column, so what I did was snap a few photos of items I thought were fun and interesting and then talk about how you can incorporate them using other stuff from Daiso, or stuff you already own in your wardrobe.


Firstly, these devil horns. Easy. Pair them with a tutu over black tights and some black heels (or whatever else, if you’re a guy), pick yourself up a pitchfork (also available from Daiso) if you so please and wear a plain black or red top. Easy! You’re fully clothed and you look stylish, rather than like a hooker. Yes, Donki, I’m talking to you!


If you’re a bit of a mask fan, there are tons of options for you. I like masks for the simple fact that not only are they a bit mysterious, they minimise that whole need for a lot of eye make-up that is so popular at Halloween. And… like me, if you wear glasses, you won’t know who anyone is either, whether they’re wearing a mask or not because you won’t be able to see them! 🙂

Many young girls and women (and one of my little guy students actually!) love princesses and wearing a costume that makes them feel like one is often a dream come true. I have a long princess skirt that I bought second hand for 500 yen ($5 or so for Aussies) and if I pair it with a top of any description, put on this mask and add a tiara/crown (Daiso has good toy ones), I’m instantly a princess. No, I don’t necessarily want or need the prince to go with it as an accessory. The white horse maybe.


Come to think of it, I have an orange tutu and an orange wig and if I paired this with the mask, I could be a… masked pumpkin… whatever that is. I figure it’s best to go as something a little off centre since that’s my normal approach to fashion.

Witches hats in all colours and designs are available from Daiso too. You just have to wear all black which everyone has at home. Add a broom (also available at Daiso) and you’re set! If you have a real live black cat as a pet, that’s also a great accessory.


I’m really (REALLY) into cats and the obsession is getting worse. So, when I saw this mask I got super excited and thought, oh, oh, I could go as a cat. I already own two sets of ears, one furry and one wire headband, so it’s easy to assemble. I have no real explanation for why I own them; I just liked them. Again, wearing all black… easy peasy Japanesey, which is appropriate since we are in Japan. I guess you could add a tail??? I have no suggestions as to where to buy one though because I’m not usually on the look-out for tails. I do own one in Australia though… but it’s white and fluffy and goes with my Easter Bunny costume. Don’t ask.


Finally, and this one got me super excited, you could go as a clown weirdo or as Daiso has named this… a skeleton mask. I’m not sure what kind of skeleton has rosy red cheeks and red lipstick, but maybe they have different kinds of skeletons in Japan…


Either way, you could go for the drama option and make him a kind of theatre performer with all black clothes (cape optional) or don an afro orange wig and weird wacky clothes and be a clown. I’m guessing they’ll be lots of clown costumes considering the new, ‘It,’ is being released soon… And after all this rain in Hiroshima, the quote, “We all float down here,” suddenly seems very apt.

So yeah, that’s my take on Halloween costumes from Daiso. The possibilities are endless. In fact, you don’t even have to use Halloween stuff. You can simply think of another costume idea and then buy the required stuff from Daiso. With most things at 100 yen (plus tax of course!) you can make a much cheaper costume than ready-to-wear costumes in a pack.

Donki, eat your heart out.

Happy Halloween!








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