365 Prompt: October 20 2017

A wish:

I still believed in magic, despite everything. Or maybe because of everything…

I still believed that everything would work out in the end, but I was growing weary of waiting.

How much longer did I have to wait?

Where was he? And why was he so late?

And more importantly, if he wasn’t the trouble, then who was he? Was he the solution?

I kept praying to the gods, kept making promises I knew they were laughing at in the heavens and yet, I couldn’t tear myself away from the temple.

I wondered what I would ask for if I was granted a wish. A single wish.

Truth be told I would probably squander it. I would probably try to recreate the past and then when it didn’t work out because it wasn’t my fate I would curse and yell at the gods.

They knew this.

Which was why they had kept me waiting for four long years.

I knew as well as they did that he was here, but as much as I hated to admit it, I knew he wouldn’t appear before time.

I considered the possibility that he was as impatient as me and saying, “Let me talk to her! Let me make things right!”

But the gods weren’t listening.

Should I take destiny into my own hands? Probably not. Dealing out karma and trying to speed up the process hadn’t worked in the past so I figured I needed a new approach.

I just wasn’t sure what it was right now.


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