This is one of the most well-written and easy to understand posts I’ve found for awhile. Everything she says is true. I know because I’ve been part of the #MeToo campaign and then wondered afterwards, “So what?”

The other night after reading a week or so of Harvey Weinstein-inspired news and articles, I realised that I was re-living all the same anger I felt last year. I finally succumbed to it and posted something on Instagram about it, naming and shaming my ex. I’ve done that before. Big deal.

But this time, it said where he worked.

Nothing changed.

And so I removed it.

Because despite the few emails, comments, messages and letters I’ve received from people, still others have said, “Get over it,” or, “Yes, sometimes that happens.” (I’M SORRY, BUT IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN!)

Some of these people are women.

Nothing changed.

He’s still working for the school that didn’t fire him, despite knowing what he’s done to me (and hearing other people’s stories too). That’s their way to deal with it. Don’t disrupt the harmony. Sometimes chaos is needed to bring about change. But unfortunately, reputation, especially for companies is paramount.

I wasn’t asked to leave. I chose to.

But still, nothing has changed.

I’m skeptical too.

I’m glad that it’s become something women do talk about though. I’m glad there are so many men who are jumping on board and saying that this is not normal male behaviour and that not mean all men are like that. I’m glad that people have been inspired to tell their stories and get it off their chest.

But there needs to be some fundamental ACTION in saying this will not be tolerated by anyone in ANY industry. Without that, it’s all just words.



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