365 Prompt: October 2 2017


I could feel it gnawing away at me; this sudden need to escape from where I currently was.

It was a drive to move, but more than anything, it was a hunger for something I couldn’t and knew I wouldn’t ever find here.

My priorities had changed. Everything was about me now and satisfying myself and no one else. I didn’t care enough about anyone to stay and the gods knew no one had ever tried to fight for me to stay. It had always been my choice.

And now it was my choice to leave.

I knew deep down that I’d wanted to leave two years ago, but I wasn’t ready. They say the timing is never right, but I don’t believe that. It was right, now.

Too much had happened in the past year for me to stay. I’d changed, but nothing around me had. I felt stuck, lifeless and stale, like a biscuit that had been left out for too long.

And of course, it was then that he finally showed up.

The doorbell rung, it’s tune echoing like a Buddhist bell. I sat, too frightened to move because I had this sudden sinking feeling I knew it would be him.

And it was.

As I swung the door open he stood there, rubbing his neck nervously before he said, “Jade, I’m really sorry I’m late.”

And what did I do?


Today’s writing prompt is based on an omikuji (おみくじ), or Japanese fortune that are found at shrines and temples across Japan. Mine from Daiso-In Temple on Miyajima has been saying the same thing for love since last year: he will be late.

Yes, he is, but he’s been late all my life, so a little longer isn’t going to matter.

I have a feeling I know him already…



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