Japan: The Stepford Society?

Just like the movie, ‘The Stepford Wives,’ many people think that Japan is the perfect society. The people are polite, extremely kind and will go out of their way to help you.

Indeed, that is true. Most of the people are.

But, and there is a but, like every society, there lurks some hidden and often very shocking facts that many people A. don’t know about or B. do know about, but wish they didn’t.

Deal with it, people. I’m sticking this in your face now.

Japan’s sexual assault and rape laws are just like any other country… or perhaps worse.

When I told people of my experience, the women’s reactions in particular were much the same as if I’d said, “I had dinner last night at 6pm.”

In other words, there was no reaction. And when I dug deeper, the reason for this is because my story is the same story they’ve heard time and time again. It happens so often they’ve become numb to it.

Whether it is a foreign person or Japanese person who rapes a woman in this country, the reaction is mostly the same.

You’re usually told not to get so drunk next time, or perhaps, not to go to their apartment or invite them to yours.

Oh, and if you’re unconscious, well you didn’t say no (BECAUSE YOU WERE INCAPABLE!) so…

And if the attacker wasn’t violent (as in the case of you being unconscious), then it’s not rape either.

But that is all changing and this essential reading article highlights that.

Yet still, I’d like to say I left my job and my rapist is still working at his job teaching young  18, 19 and 20 year olds. I left because I refused to work with someone who did that to me and who has done it to others. And… I refuse to work for a company that wouldn’t fire him unless he did it to me again.

Their reasoning: “We can’t find another teacher in time.”





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