The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 15


The other day I received an email from a friend and loyal reader of my Daiso column. He had read what I’d written in Chapter 14 about the products being made in Higashihiroshima and wanted to tell me what he’d discovered. He said sure, their head office is in Hachihonmatsu, but actually, most of the products if you read closely, are made in China. The coffee filters are an exception; they’re made in Germany. He knows this because he’s not only a coffee drinker, but he also buys them from Daiso to use for his coffee.

I confirmed this with another friend who said yes, you need to look closely at the packaging because on first glance you assume it’s made in Japan.


This brings me to an interesting point and that is, that many, many Japanese people have told me time-and-time-again that they refuse to buy products made in China.

Hmm… do they realise this about Daiso?!

When I told my mum this she told me to shut my mouth and keep people ignorant, but being a Daiso lover and yet, wanting to make sure people know the facts means that I have to tell people. Hence, this week’s column.


The other thing my friend commented on was that the range of original snacks at the Yokogawa Station branch is more extensive than other ones he’s been to. He then followed this up by suggesting that we work our way through them. I for one am more than happy to oblige since it’s, ‘work.’ It’s called, ‘product review.’

Yeah, yeah, who am I kidding?!

Moving onto a few of the products I picked up from Daiso last weekend. Quite a spread there.


I decided to decorate my apartment on Saturday for the Autumn Equinox and hence, I went a little nuts with fake autumn foliage.

As you can see, I decorated my apartment door with leaves that I stuck on using easy-to-remove tape. Actually, that’s a lie, it’s not easy to remove at all, but I didn’t have any other tape that would hold them up there. And I added a little hanging decoration with owls and leaves.


I also bought a maple leaf garland and threaded it through my curtain rod in my room.


I had some fake leaves from last year too and put them in an old sake bottle to decorate my kitchen.


Can you tell autumn is my favourite season?

If you look really closely at the first photo, you’ll also see I bought some burnt-orange socks to wear for autumn.

I know it’s not the last trip I make to Daiso for autumn stuff this year. I suspect my classroom is going to get a few helpful pieces, but saying that, I really like the hand-made stuff my kids have made. Some with Daiso products I might add. Like paper plates.

Anyway, I’m sick this week actually and thus, I haven’t been out-and-about as much to take photos of stuff for you. I think I’ve done enough though to satisfy your Daiso craving for another week…

Until next week… take care with this change of season and your health!



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