365 Prompt: September 29 2017


I felt like I was being given the chance to ride an escalator rather than use the stairs.

As easy as it was, I didn’t like it or approve of why I was getting a free ride.

Well okay, I guess it wasn’t free. All things came at a price and in this case, mine was my body.

He wanted my body and now he was giving me extra benefits and I guess, an easier path to the top where I wanted to be in my job.

I hadn’t asked for that and I certainly didn’t want it, but he had offered it without even talking to me about it.

I didn’t know whether to be pleased or disgusted that he thought he could buy me like that.

I was more than willing to give myself; I wanted him just as much too. Yet at the same time, I wanted to do the hard yards and move up the rungs of the company ladder on my own merits, not on his shirt tails.

I needed to find another way but I wondered now if I was already in too deep.


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