365 Prompt: September 27 2017

Who said what?:

Jeremiah was so confused. The fight had simply gotten out of hand and he couldn’t remember anymore who said what and why it was that they were actually fighting.

His wife knew differently and she told him so.

“You know why I’m angry with you; you’re just doing that naive face and pretending you have no idea.”

He wished it were true. If it were, she wouldn’t be half as mad and would tell him he was just another obnoxious male.

Instead, he suspected he was just plain stupid and had forgotten.

He wondered if buying her flowers would help.

As if she could read minds, she barked, “And don’t even THINK of buying me flowers! That just says you’re guilty. If you think you could just buy your way back into my good books you have another thing coming!”

Nope, flowers were definitely not going to help in this situation.


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