365 Prompt: September 23 2017

Black truffles:

I hated when she sent me shopping. The grocery list was always incomprehensible to me because all the recipes she made contained exotic ingredients. I never knew what most of them were, let alone where I would find them.

Today is what black truffles.

I knew what they were. I’d eaten them before.

At a restaurant though.

I stood in the supermarket aisle and sighed.

“Your wife sent you shopping?”

I turned to find another man looking as bewildered as me.

“Yeah,” I said. “She wants to make this dish that has all this fancy stuff and I never know where to find it.”

The man nodded in agreement.

“How about we say, ‘fuck this!’ and go and get a beer and some fish and chips instead?” he asked me.

I hadn’t heard such a wonderful idea in years. Normal food. Something I recognised.

“Where should we go?” I replied.


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