365 Prompt: September 14 2017

I just wanted to die:

I reached the 25km mark no worries.

I reached the 35km mark.

I just wanted to die. I felt like shit.

But, I kept pushing on. I needed to do it for me. I wanted to do it for me. So I kept going.

I guess that’s what endurance is all about; pushing through the physical pain and using your mental strength to get you through.

I think marathons are a metaphor for life in that respect. You want to just give up sometimes but you can’t and you won’t.

I don’t feel like giving up right now, but I am starting to question for the first time in a long time what it is I really want and realising that I’m not going to get it here. I’m too comfortable and for me, comfortable isn’t enough.

I can hear a bigger city calling…


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