365 Prompt: September 13 2017

My ex…:

I cannot, do not and will not be writing this post about the last one. I’ve decided to interpret it another way instead…

He used to be my brother but he’s now my ex-brother.

Yes, I figure that there are ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends and various other types of exes so why not brothers?

My ex-brother broke the code of family a long time ago. It wasn’t just once or even twice, but time and time again and so my family and I decided to disown him.

Yep, my mother was the one to suggest it in fact which goes to show she is one bad-ass and so she should be since my father walked out and abandoned us years ago and she took over everything.

I guess my ex-brother just proved to me yet again what assholes men are and how they are the weakest and lowest species on planet earth.

As far as I’m concerned he ceased to exist.

He is dead to me.

It’s a pity my ex wouldn’t die too. Literally.


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