365 Prompt: September 9 2017


When I’d said I wanted a class pet I hadn’t meant chickens.

I detested them. They were birds for starters and I hated birds. They were also extremely stupid.

When it was my turn to feed them I used to drag my feet and my teacher always asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t tell her that I was scared of their beady little eyes staring at me and that the way they rushed at me when I was holding their bucket of food made me want to run and hide.

Instead, I told her I was feeling sick. She didn’t seem to realise that I was always sick at the same time every month. And it’s not like I was a girl who could use that kind of excuse. Nobody else seemed to notice either.

One day I would do it. One day I would poison them so I would never have to feed them again.

But not today.


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