The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 12


Halloween may be in October but as I mentioned last week, Daiso has already well and truly set up their products. When I walked in today I found a heap of school kids already buying stuff and I must admit it’s a smart idea.

Why is it a smart idea?

Well, because the closer it gets to Halloween, the less choice you have.

Hence why I’ve decided this week to show you some of the awesome products you can buy from Daiso for Halloween, but also ones you can use at other times of the year.

Let me explain.

First up, costumes.

Look, I’m a quirky girl (read weird if you want to). I like costumes at any time of year. For me, every day is Halloween. Why wait for one day of the year to dress up? Like this tutu skirt for example. I own five tutus in red, pink, orange, blue and yellow. Oh and a long princess skirt in pale pink. This costume is good over leggings whenever you want. Girls or guys; I don’t discriminate. Rock your world baby.


Bat stick. I’m not really sure what this is exactly, but I like to think of it as a kind of cane fashion accessory. I’m certainly someone who would use it for that; if you’re not, I guess you could hit people with it… Be inventive and let me know what you came up with.


Ah, body paint. I haven’t used this stuff since senior high school when my boyfriend and I went away by ourselves and discovered chocolate body paint. Unfortunately, this is nothing like it, but hey, it IS glow-in-the-dark which is also pretty cool. I can think of numerous fun games you could use it for… most of them are X-rated.


This cute cat you can buy and use for any time of the year to decorate your room, apartment, outside, whatever. He’s a dude and he knows it.


My mum is constantly getting angry with me for A. picking my nose and B. using my nails. That’s why this product is so good. You can use it for your Halloween witch costume and for the rest of the year, use it to pick your nose with and avoid dirtying your fingernails. I’m fairly sure my mum will just groan at this bit and say she meant I should stop picking my nose with any object, but she also knows that’s never going to happen. I like picking my nose.


Handcuffs. Okay, so the last pair I used… I mean, saw, were fluffy and pink, but these are fine too. You can always think of a scenario to use them for: a monster wants you and has chained you up and although he’s a monster he’s also super-hot (think the Beast from the latest, ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ movie) and you’re quite willing to let him ravage you. Did I just write that down? Yes, I did. Moving on before I let you in on any more of my secrets.


Fairy lights in your apartment or bedroom are always cool and these little Halloween ones are awesome. If you’re Goth or Emo you can keep them up all year round! They might be 200 yen (plus tax) but they’re totally worth it!


Daiso makeup is always a go with me and these makeup accessories for your eyes and face are beautiful. I am definitely buying some, but knowing me, I won’t wait until Halloween to wear them. I’ll wear them now!


Tinsel is fun to decorate your apartment, but why not use the tinsel as a type of feather boa? Sure, it’s a tad scratchy, but it looks good and will make you feel super cabaret naughty. Oh wait, not everyone wants to feel that way… okay, my bad… use it for decoration then.


I own multiple wigs including a long, curly red one, an afro and a bobbed orange one that makes me look like a pumpkin. This is fun. I would never wear this for Halloween. It’s more of an every single day kind of wig.


Last, but not least and completed unrelated…

2018 calendars have appeared in Daiso stores.





See you next week!



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