365 Prompt: September 8 2017

Cutting board:

As I stared at his body laying before me, I was suddenly overcome with having to know.

Sure, he might finally have been dead which is something I’d wanted for a long time but I needed to know for sure.

I needed to know for sure whether he did indeed have a heart after all.

I’d accused him on more than one occasion of not having one but he was human after all.


I took my knife, held it high above my head for a few seconds before plunging it into and slicing open his chest cavity. Reaching in tentatively I felt my hand close over something that was about the right size and shape for a heart.

I didn’t want to look.

Instead, I closed my eyes, pulled hard and lifted it out to place it on the cutting board.

I didn’t want to open my eyes but the suspense was killing me.

I opened my right one first and looked down.

It WAS a heart.

He did have a heart after all.

I think at some point it had worked but after too many heartaches and pain it had stopped and sat like a hard, cold stone in his chest for years on end until I’d found him.

I thought I could change all that but he was too far gone. Nothing could have helped him. Except for death.

And that was the last thing I was willing to do for him.


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