The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 11


September 1.

In Australia, this is the first official day of spring, so I figure for argument’s sake and this week’s column, that means it’s the same for Japan. For autumn I mean, not spring, obviously.

Anyway, Daiso is already ahead of the game by dropping some autumn (or fall for all those Americans… and some Canadians) inspired products that I captured in this photo from weeks ago.


I’m a big fan of decorating my apartment for each season and/or holiday and these leaf garlands are perfect for that. I like to twist and twine them around my curtain rods to bring a little of the outside autumn, inside.

But really, autumn in Japan and for Daiso in particular is all about Halloween and yes, the products arrived in store this week. It dominates the store for over a month before suddenly disappearing completely overnight the day after October 31.


Seriously though, what I really want to talk about this week are the hilarious products you will find in Daiso that use random English words or sentences to say really random things that often make no sense. Or sometimes they do make sense but you think, who says that?

Notebook covers are some of my favourites. Case in point.


The ‘Happy Time,’ message makes sense but then it fucks everything up by saying, “Let’s start.” Start what exactly? Using the notebook?

My favourite though is what’s written at the bottom of this notebook.


Indeed it might… if you write something useful, but what if you don’t? I mean I guess it’s useful if you need to write something… I’m not quite sure what it means or indeed if the person who thought to put it on the notebook knows either.

I also found these notepads and wondered if they meant, ‘Party Animal.’ I mean a party animal is totally different from an animal party. ??? If any of you have any idea what they mean or if there’s something I’m missing, please let me know. I’m most interested.


Despite all those things that make me laugh out loud and exclaim, “Oh, Japan, I love you!” it’s awesome finds like these that make me really feel it.


Look at these toys.


The kendama (けん玉) is obviously a classic, but those capsules and that 3D puzzle are gold mate (that means awesome in Aussie speak).

The capsules come in various kinds; this pack was sea creatures but they also have dinosaurs and animals in general. You pop a capsule out, fill a container with water (hot water works best), drop the capsule in and wait for the outside to dissolve. When it does you’re rewarded with a funky sponge toy thing. I’m not sure of the purpose, but really, who cares? I picked up this pack for my kindergarten students and they loved them!

The 3D T-Rex puzzle was for me, pure and simple. I had a blast putting it together and roaring in delight as I twisted the little wind-up lever on the apparatus to make it walk. I think my students are rubbing off on me; I can roar with the best of them.


The pins are actually part of a slightly more expensive collection of goods designed for young girls who like cute stuff. Actually, that could be any woman (and some men) in Japan, so hey, they’re for anyone. I liked the messages so I bought them for myself too.


And, as if I didn’t already have enough earrings, I couldn’t resist more sparkly ones. I’m tending to wear mismatched pairs right now though and these ones are good for that.


Anyway, this week has been a killer and I’m exhausted. I’m off to bed, but I hope you all enjoy reading this edition and join me again for next week’s.




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