365 Prompt: August 28 2017


I heard it bellow before it came charging. I wasn’t sure what to expect but then again, no one really knew since no one had seen a snarkleback apart from in a book or at a museum.

It was large; incredibly large with leathery skin and a long forked tongue that darted in and out tasting and testing its surroundings. Two long horns protruded from its head but I’d read somewhere that they weren’t used to kill, just to scare.

And scare they had. My pants were completely soiled and that was how they’d found me when I was finally rescued. It didn’t make it any easier that Devon was the one leading the group.

A snarkleback may have been scary, but the sight or thought of Devon any time of the day or night made me tremble.

I was completely in love with him and that was more terrifying than anything I knew.


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