The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 10


As I mentioned last week this is the last week of any mention of summer stuff from Daiso, but funnily enough, I’m going to start by sharing three new things I bought the other day that have NOTHING to do with summer. In fact, I knew I couldn’t hesitate in buying them because for the first time ever, Daiso decided not to go seasonal and put some random stock out.

What am I talking about?

Well my sakura (さくら) or cherry blossom tabi (足袋) socks for starters. I’m not complaining! They’re super cute and so I bought them and will keep them to wear until spring. With how fast this year has gone, I know I won’t actually have long to wait! I wasn’t sure which colour I liked the best, so I bought both.


Oh, tabi socks by the way are traditional Japanese socks that date back to the 15th century and separate the big toe from the rest. Wow, the things I learn from Wikipedia and the things I share with you here! 🙂

The other thing I bought was a pair of snowflake earrings which will be perfect for… well, winter. Duh. I’ve actually been on the look-out for some recently and Daiso provided them just when I needed it.


Now, the other thing that I mentioned at the end of my column just before I ran off with excitement last week to start this week’s, was my sudden idea.

Yes, as you all know, I frequently buy stuff from Daiso and don’t use it for its original purpose. Take the hairclips I use as decorations on my clothes or to fasten stuff to myself for example.


Anyway, I had the intention of going nuts in Daiso, buying bits and pieces and then and making new stuff from it. I didn’t have any specific creations in mind, I would simply walk in, be struck by inspiration and then go home and make it.

That was until the first day back at work after summer vacation when one of the other teachers showed me what she and her daughter had made from random Daiso stuff.





Yep, she made cakes, cookies and slices for her kindergarten students.

Yep, they’re simply made out of some sponges she cut up, added some paste that hardens when it dries and looks like cream and added some decorative bits.


So yeah, after that I kind of lost all motivation for even trying. I mean, I do stuff like that too, but for this week, I just didn’t seem to find anything I wanted to make and no particular reason to make it other than to show you. I know that may seem like a good enough reason, but I then have to decide what to do with it when I’m finished.

All the same, I did snap a few photos of some items you can buy and use to either make or embellish other goods.

The first are these awesome denim pieces I’ve used before to decorate plain hats, shoes and clothing items. In fact, you can use anything like this to decorate whatever you want.


The next photo are those keychain fasteners you can use to hang on your bag, iPhone or whatever like every Japanese person has. Yes, every, single one of them. Add a cute item at the end: small toy, bells, whatever and you have your own individual item that no one else will have.


Oh, and while you’re in the craft section, buy some earring parts and hang these little tassels. An arty friend last year who has a business in town told me tassels are going to be the next big thing. Remember, you heard it here first! 🙂


And last of all, not something to make, but just THE MOST INCREDIBLE sponge you will EVER find. Yep, a melamine sponge from Daiso that removes ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from any surface. Just add water. It makes cleaning fun, seriously.


Yay! Autumn is coming!

Next week’s column will be all about the best season of the year! (in my opinion anyway and isn’t that all the counts? Just joking!)














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