The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 9


Just to let you know as a follow-up to last week’s column, no matter which Daiso branch I went to, they have decided to discontinue the shape of that lightbulb. Instead, I opted to get a plain round LED type and yes, it works just fine.


I was just so glad I didn’t electrocute myself when I plugged it in. Actually, I turned off the main switch just in case because I wasn’t sure whether I’d turned the light on or off after the bulb blew. If I was dead you wouldn’t get this week’s column and that would be a great shame. A shame that I’d be dead I mean, not about the column.

As for this week’s column, since I have my tattoos now… wait, I didn’t tell you all! Yes, I am now the proud owner of two wrist tattoos: one very small and one medium size and being in Japan, thus need to cover them up during work hours. Here they are:


Getting back to my story, I need cover-ups.

So… I’ve been embracing the Japanese women’s summer trend of wearing those arm sleeve things. You know the ones I mean. The ones that cover you from wrist to nearly your armpits. I actually bought my first pair about a month before I got my tattoos; I liked the tie-dyed inspired purple and thought they’d look funky with my fluro-yellow tutu skirt. They are hot though, so I went looking for some shorter ones the other day and came up with… black mesh gloves! Yes, the ones that 80s rockers wore, like Madonna, although for some reason I feel very Michael Jacksonish when I wear mine. Except they’re black and not white (God, I didn’t even mean to make that song reference) and I wear two and not one. Okay, they’re nothing like Michael Jackson. Scrap that thought.


My friend was also at Daiso the other day and messaged to tell me she’d found something she knew I’d like. She sent through a photo and I told her to buy it for me immediately and that I’d pay her back.

This is what she bought me:


Oh yeah! Tattoo sleeves!

I know that seems kind of stupid considering I have real ones that I’m trying to cover up, but to be truthful, I just liked them and thought they were cool.

She also found these two and ended up buying all three types for herself. J She’s yet to wear them. So am I for that matter.



I have discovered I also have a major thing for Daiso’s new jewellery range. I’ve gone back to wearing multiple necklaces like I used to do when I was at primary school (elementary school, for non-Aussies) and am layering my latest Daiso purchase with ones from other shops.

Last Friday I was heading out to meet someone and I needed to kill some time beforehand. I popped into Daiso and found a really cute, silver necklace with a little feather charm on it. I was wearing a tribal-inspired outfit at the time so it went with it perfectly.


I now can’t stop wearing it with my other two favourite necklaces of the moment.


I just realised that I didn’t actually have a main point this week to focus on, I simply wanted to share my latest purchases. Saying that though, now that I’ve gotten to the end, I do have a point and that is:

Do not discount Daiso for things like jewellery etc. simply because you’re being a snob and don’t think they would have anything that’s worth it. It’s a great place to go at the last minute to find something a little unique because most people won’t be shopping there for the same reason that you, snobby bum, haven’t been.

Better still, go to Daiso and find stuff that isn’t the norm and change it up to make it your own. Own that shit, bitch. Work it baby! You know what I mean.

And saying that, I’m off to start new week’s column because I just had a brilliant idea! Next week will also be the final column for summer stuff as it will be September the following week and the shops have already started on their autumn and Halloween ranges. Yep, fast I know!

Have a great week everyone!








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