The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 8


This week I’ve had particularly bad PMS (sorry for the overshare or TMI there, but it’s true). That means a few things: A. I’ve deleted people on LINE (chat app we use here in Japan) because they’ve pissed me off, B. I’ve said some mean (but often true) stuff to people I know that probably needed to be said, C. Have written a heap of emotionally charged stuff, posted it/haven’t posted it and D. Am angry with most of the men I know.

Anyway, what has all this got to do with my Daiso column? Well, it just so happens that I was trying to brainstorm ideas of what I wanted to write about and I decided to tell you some of the things about Daiso that piss me off.

Take my hand cream for example.

After weeks and weeks, I finally decided to get my act together and stop putting off buying new hand cream. Why would I put it off? Firstly, because I never waste anything. I will squeeze and squeeze that tube until I can’t get anything more out of it. I will then cut the tube open with scissors and scrape out the dregs. No wastage here, no siree! Secondly, because you can only buy it at certain Daiso branches.

I know I spoke about this briefly last week, but I realised it really does piss me off. It means that if I want that product, in this case, hand cream, I have to go to the stores that have it. Now the Yokogawa branch does have the brand, but only in Rose fragrance which I detest. I use the Shea Butter one and that, my friends, can only be found at the Tokaichi store.



It was so hot and I wasn’t feeling well, so I went to the Yokogawa branch, completely forgetting that it wouldn’t be there. My excuse? The heat has muddled my brain. Ah, but something happened.

I found a new hand cream. I guess this is what people call serendipity.

The thing was though, the new hand cream costs 300 yen. 300 YEN!

It’s not a ‘Daiso,’ brand. I think I just liked the packaging and the name of it to be honest. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to go, ‘Dancing All Night?” And, it also has the words, ‘Body Fantasies,’ on it… I’m not quite sure what to make of that. I’ve certainly never had body fantasies involving hand cream, but then again, maybe the combination of that with ‘Dancing All Night,’ is some kind of code for something else… ???


Despite the pretty packaging, I wasn’t even sure what it smelt like because they didn’t have a sample, which brings me to another point.

Why doesn’t Daiso have samples for these kind of things? Hmm, Daiso? Answer me that?

And let me just repeat, this was a 300-yen hand cream.

When I came home and used it I found I was very pleasantly surprised by the smell. Good choice. Did I mention it was 300 yen? Okay, okay, I need to let that go.

Ah yes, another thing that’s made me mad or possibly a better choice of word is, ‘disappointed,’ lately with Daiso, are their banana chips. Yes, the ones I raved about back in Chapter 2.

The last two packs I’ve bought have been stale. Yes, the normally crispy and crunchy texture has been replaced by an almost chewy, floury alternative. I don’t want that to be my alternative, so for the moment, I’m ditching them. I don’t understand how something in a sealed packet can be stale.

The final straw occurred just three days ago when I went to Daiso to buy a new lightbulb. Before I left my apartment, I took a photo of the lightbulb, wrote down all the necessary requirements of what I needed, voltage etc. and then headed out.


Sorry for the shitty and very blurry photo there… I was in a hurry!

I was scanning the wall where the bulbs are located and couldn’t seem to find what I wanted so I called one of the staff over to assist me. After she also scanned the walls she said, “I’m sorry, Daiso doesn’t have that type.”






Do you see this photo people?!


I left this big (and blurry) to make my point. One word: Daiso.

What brand do you see written on it?

Why do you think I would go to Daiso to buy it if I didn’t know it was from there?!

Baka (ばか), which has a number of translations depending on how much force you say it with, who you are saying it to etc., but basically means idiot. And by this, I don’t mean me.

So, I guess it requires another trip to ANOTHER Daiso to find what I want. I’m starting to think that Daiso could benefit from taking a page out of konbini (コンビニコンビニ) books and standardising their products from store to store. This would mean frustrated customers like myself wouldn’t have to traipse around half the city to find exactly what they are looking for. In fact, it’s one of those things that could even result in the person just saying, “Fuck it!” and going to a home store where yes, the price is more expensive, but you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for no matter which one you go to.

That is my rant about Daiso for this week. Hopefully next week I’ll be back calmer (and perhaps more lenient/rational/insert your choice of word here, men) with some positive stuff to say about Daiso and some nice new goodies I’ve found.

Over and out.








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