The turning point in my life

Last year was shit. Really shit.

So what better way to remind myself of everything I’ve been through to get to this new, much, much, much better point in my life than to mark myself permanently?

Yep, I’m talking about tattoos.

I was never someone who said they were going to get a tattoo, but I was open to it. I was someone, however, who said that if I ever got a tattoo it would be because something significant had happened and I felt the need to remind myself about it.

Now, the main bad thing that happened last year wasn’t exactly something most people would want to remind themselves of. I mean, I didn’t want a tattoo that said, “Rape,” but you know what I mean. I wanted something that when I looked down I could say, ah, I remember that and although it was bad, let’s turn the situation into a positive and say, “I survived that shit yo!”

So that’s what I did.

I had been searching for ideas since last year and come across the semicolon tattoo idea more than once. Placed on the wrist, it’s a symbol for those who have suffered/are suffering depression, suicidal thoughts and/or attempts, the loss of a loved one etc. It was then I decided that’s what I wanted. No, I’ve never been diagnosed with clinical depression, nor have I had suicidal thoughts or attempted it, but I’d still had a shitty time.

The second one I wanted was the phoenix, which, as everyone knows is a bird that rises from the ashes to become more beautiful and powerful than before. I felt that was me and I’d also been seeing the phoenix motif everywhere in recent times. I don’t believe in coincidence. You do attract what you put out and things do happen sometimes that just cannot be explained in logical, scientific ways.

Yesterday I went to a local tattoo studio and got them done. They’re small, tasteful and very powerful reminders for me.

No, they didn’t hurt… for me. When I asked the guy if it was going to hurt he said, yes, a lot. I was expecting great pain. Nothing. He was even more surprised because he was using the finest needle to make sure he could get the detail right. He said clearly I have a high pain tolerance. He has no idea. He said women in general are fine with tattoos; men are not great. Gee, what a surprise.

This is the final result.

The semicolon is on my left wrist and the phoenix is on my right.



I was asked last year what the turning point was in my life.

Until then I had thought it was when I’d overcome my eating disorder after more than 10 years. Nah, that was a piece of cake compared to 2016.

That, Mr. David, was the turning point.


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