The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 7


I have a confession to make. I have a serious shopping problem. It used to be a lot worse but it hasn’t been so bad in recent years. I used to do it when I was stressed. Now I just do it because I like it.

I have a few places around town here in Hiroshima that I frequent when the urge strikes: Book Off, Sun Mall and…


Yes, Daiso.

And the way I justify it is that everything is so cheap, where’s the problem in that? I guess that’s kind of the same argument that drug addicts have when they say things like, “Oh, it’s only weed,” or, “It’s only a gram,” but anyway, I’m sure you understand my point is a little different… isn’t it?

So, Daiso.

Okay, well I’ve always known I liked shopping, but Daiso is a whole other level. I kind of think, wow, I got all of this for under 1000 yen (the equivalent in Australia of under $10). This is a feat I could never achieve in Australia so I guess I’ve made it my life’s goal now to just go nuts in Daiso.

The other day I ran out of hand soap and decided to go to the Daiso closest to my apartment.

Just hand soap I told myself.

Hand soap, I told myself again.

I did buy it… this time… but I have been known to go to Daiso for one thing and walk out with a bag of other products and not the thing I originally went for.

My excuse: I get distracted easily. Especially by bright, shiny things, both of which I managed to find on this shopping trip and probably the reason I walked out with a bag of other things including the hand soap.


Bright socks: yes, I originally had these orange ones but I wore them so much they got holes in them. Luckily, they’re cheap and still available! And why stop at one when you can also buy them in bright yellow?! Not me!


Oh, the hairclips. Yes, well, since I have a distinct lack of hair at this present moment, I figured why should I go without them? I’ve never been one to use products from Daiso (or anywhere else for that matter) for their original purpose; I generally modify them. So why not just use them to decorate outfits etc.? Especially since they’re lovely summer items.



And they’re sparkly.

Let me repeat that.

They’re sparkly!

I guess I’m a bit like the bowerbirds we have in Australia in that respect. Bowerbirds like shiny, sparkly and often blue things, so just like them, I continue to collect and add them to my ‘nest.’ i.e. my apartment.

Watermelon and pineapple motif things are very, ‘summer,’ and are quite a big thing in Japan right now. Pineapples seem to be the flavour of the month. Oh, my God, did you just see what I did? That pun was brilliant and totally accidental. 🙂 I have a bit of a thing for pineapples right now too actually…

Speaking of my hairclips, I wore them out the other day and a friend asked if I’d made them. I told her I’d bought them from Daiso. She was like, yeah so you bought the stuff from Daiso to make them? No, I bought them like this, I told her firmly. Why was she asking this?

Because they face the opposite way.

She was right, I thought! Hairclips are always made to face the same direction so when you wear both, one of them ends up being upside down. Gee Daiso, you’ve done it again!


Oh, and the wool? Well I bought a pompom maker a few weeks back (yes, I know you can make them, but they wear out when they’re made from cardboard). I decided to finally buy some wool instead of just letting the maker go unused so since I like red, black and yellow, I bought them all. The other multi-coloured blue one? Hmm, I actually bought it to make one for someone I know, but now, I may just make a heap of them as ‘sea creatures’ or some such thing for summer and myself instead. The limit is my imagination, which scarily, knows no bounds!


Oh, and before I leave you this week to go and do something summery and exciting (sadly, this will probably be sitting in my air-conditioned room and reading a book), I had to pass on my mum’s message about Daiso.

After reading my column last week she reminded me and therefore, told me to tell you all, that her favourite Daiso branch is the Danbara one. I agree it is well set-out and as I mentioned last week, they have some products you can’t buy anywhere else. She also has a bit of a thing for that shopping centre in general. She likes the simplicity of the shops or something like that. Sorry, this is turning into an advertisement for Aeon Mall. Not intentional!

Okay people, enjoy the weather (yeah right!), keep cool (or warm if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) and peace out. That final reference is to this week’s anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6. No More Hiroshimas. xxx ooo


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