I am naked and vulnerable 

Writing is intimate. 

In fact, for me, it’s more intimate than anything I know. It’s more than being naked; it’s akin to having my very soul exposed. 

When I write, I open up parts of myself that I never show anyone. 

Sometimes I don’t even know my own depths. Sometimes what I think and feel overwhelms me and scares me and I know it has scared others. 

Some pieces I share with the world; some I only share with one person. If you are one of those people and moreover, if you are one of the people who inspires me to write, know that this is a rare thing indeed, for you are seeing the real me; the exposed, raw, scared and vulnerable Jade. I don’t show this very often and I don’t like it because it makes me feel weak. 

I have no problem with nudity. In fact, I find it easier to stand in front of someone with nothing on than to have someone read what I’ve written and wait in judgement. My body I’m confident with; my writing, I’m not. With my writing I am stripped bare. 

If I share my writing with you, I am showing you my heart. 

Remember that when you read something I’ve written. 


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