The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 5


I’m back!

Obviously, my mum didn’t kill me and actually, she thought it was quite amusing. When I rang her the other day, she told me another story about her making a major faux paus. This time it involved someone she thought who had passed away, but is still very much alive. I realised she’s quite the comedian and of course, she’s always a welcome addition to my column. 🙂

This week… Ah, this week I’d like to begin by telling you another story. It doesn’t feature my mum, but it did get me thinking and have me scurrying for a pen and paper to jot down the idea. Now bear with me, this story does have a point and it is about Daiso, but I need to set the scene by outlining the lead-up to why I decided to write about it this week.

Last weekend I was in SunMall in Hondori in downtown Hiroshima when I decided to check out the clothing store, GU. I was thinking of getting some more teeny-tiny shorts to wear at home for summer but as I walked in, what I saw, made me stop dead.

Summer is over. Apparently.

Yes, it may be July, but GU (and other stores) have decided they need to bring in their autumn range already. This has to be the earliest I’ve ever seen anywhere.

So, it got me thinking? What about Daiso?

I wasn’t sure, so I decided to investigate…


Absolutely nothing.

Daiso is one of the few, smart, business-minded companies that don’t cash in on the whole ridiculously early thing with products for the following season. It’s refreshing to see. In other words, when I went in today I was bombarded with hats, fans, sunflowers, deodorant sheets and other ice-cool goods. Summer isn’t going anywhere just yet…

Anyway, for the rest of the week I was out finding things for my kindergarten students that will not only keep them entertained, but also happy. Summer vacation is technically here, but the summer program has just begun and so I still need a few goodies up my sleeve.

Daiso has a fantastic range of stickers which I’m always buying to give as rewards for good behaviour and just general fun. I especially like the raised squishy ones instead of just plain flat ones. The kids love them too. They were so excited about these cute animal ones. I may have also ‘borrowed’ a few for myself. Shhh, they will never know.


The other product I found and jumped around like a little kid about was something I am totally going back to buy for myself… sticker books. Yes, the reusable ones I used to have when I was about five. I bought four different types: an aquarium one, a zoo one, a restaurant and food one and a car, truck and all other types of vehicles one for the boys.


Daiso, you’ve done it again!

Next week… No, you’ll have to wait until then.

Have a good week and since rainy season is officially over, keep cool and hydrated with all this sunshine!





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