365 Prompt: July 15 2017

A priest walks into:

As I open up shop I wonder if today will bring a visitor; someone exciting to snap me out of my funk and make me believe in magic again. 

I don’t expect anyone. It’s easier that way; don’t expect and you won’t be let down. Life is full of disappointments, I know that, but I also know that it can be full of great joy. Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten that. 

I’m standing outside pretending to sweep the sidewalk, but really daydreaming about the day when I can leave all this, when I see him. 

A priest. A priest who walks into my shop. My bar. 

What kind of priest can he be if he drinks? This isn’t Ireland. This is a small island in the middle of nowhere where the villagers are a judgemental lot who don’t take well to those who enjoy life. I wonder if that’s why my faith is gone; it’s been sucked out of me by my surroundings. 

I wonder what he wants. Shaking my head I realise I’ll never know if I keep standing here. 

A priest, I say silently to myself again. 

I dust my hands on my apron and hurry in. 

As he turns to face me, I realise he is incredibly handsome. No, not handsome: beautiful. He smiles and the air around me is suddenly sparkling with positivity again. 

Yes, he holds the key. 

Or maybe I do, but somehow he’s helped me to unlock it. 

The day is better already. 


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