365 Prompt: July 14 2017

He clenched his fist:

The anger was becoming too much to handle. He clenched his fist and tried to release it rather than keep it in. It wasn’t healthy to be this mad. He could feel the heat rising ready to overtake him and he knew that if he thought of them he would spend the day blacked out and unable to remember. 

That’s what always happened now. The anger became too much and he forgot everything. 

That morning when he’d woken to find himself in a pool of blood not his own had been the most terrifying experience of his life. He didn’t want to repeat it. 

But how did you forgive someone who had done that to your own flesh and blood? HER own fresh and blood. A product of both of them. 

He was scared, but to admit that, was something he wasn’t ready to face yet. He needed to stop the anger first. And he had no idea how to go about it. 


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