365 Prompt: July 12 2017

Scene after scene:

Lately that’s what I felt my life was like:

Scene after scene of disaster and me saying sorry. I knew what I needed to do. I needed to change my whole way of thinking and thus my behaviour would then change too. 

I hated who I’d become and how I’d let people treat me. I now hated how I was using those bad experiences to treat others like shit. 

I didn’t want to play the victim anymore and that’s exactly what I’d been doing. 

I’d been saying sorry to a lot of people lately, but the person I really needed to say sorry to was myself. 

I needed to forgive myself for making mistakes. I expected a lot of myself and when I fucked up I hit rock bottom. 

And most of all, how could I expect others to forgive me if I didn’t forgive myself and take care of me?

I couldn’t. 


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