The Daiso Diaries: Chapter 2


This week I had planned to tell you about how Daiso and I first met, but I’m still waiting to hear back from the branch/shop I went to, with answers to questions I had asked them via their website.

Thus, I have postponed that topic until next week (hopefully), or the week after. You know how slow business enquiries can be sometimes… mind you, I also don’t think Daiso gets enquiries from people who are obsessed with it or who write a column about it very often either… 🙂

Anyway, in this week’s column I’ve decided to tell you about some of my favourite products. Yes, the ones I cannot live without, the ones I actually need (boring household stuff etc.) and buy all the time and the one-offs that I have been pleasantly surprised by.

First on the list, let’s get the boring household ones out of the way.

The one product I am constantly running to Daiso to buy is from the toiletry and beauty section. It’s the one product I keep in my bag at all times and it’s the one that my foreign friends (and some of my Japanese friends) laugh about and say, “You’ve turned into a Japanese woman!”

Yep: Wet Wipes.

The one I like comes in packs of three with 10 sheets per pack. I’ve noticed that one brand causes me to break out with dermatitis, but this one is gold.


When I went back to Australia in March and was out-and-about with my mum I was shocked to discover she didn’t carry anything like it. I felt like my hands were suddenly covered in germs and I had to wonder what people who don’t carry them actually do when they need to clean their hands and don’t have access to a toilet and soap. Pray to God and hope that their hands are clean? Ignorance is bliss after all!

I used to buy paper towel all the time too but since I don’t cook (at all) here in Japan, I’ve stopped using it so much. Now I mostly use it to mop up water (or alcoholic beverages) my friends spill. I don’t spill alcohol… and, if I did, I wouldn’t waste paper towel on that. What I mean is, I would most probably lick it up and therefore not need the paper towel. Judge me as you will. I know my alcohol.

From the same section and also boring, I am constantly buying those footlets (that’s Aussie speak for you! /cover socks (micro socks that aren’t quite socks if you know what I mean!) or socks. People always love my socks and they don’t ever believe me when I tell them they’re from Daiso. Believe me, I like cheap. I do cheap. Why would I buy socks that are expensive and that wear out just as fast?! CRAZY!


As a kindergarten teacher I am forever buying origami paper. I go through 180 sheets like there is no tomorrow. The Daiso range includes a range of colours or printed types. If you’re travelling or living here and want a great, easy-to-pack souvenir to send to friends, the printed Japanese-inspired origami paper is great. A few weeks ago, I found some ninja ones which I snapped up as soon as I laid eyes on them. No, they weren’t for my students or my friends. They are all mine. No way my kids are getting them.



In the same arts/craft section I also love washi (和紙) tape which is wall friendly. Before I go any further let me explain a bit about washi because it is SUPER AMAZING! According to Wikipedia (again, judge me as you will; I’m judging myself because I always told my high school students that this was a crap, unreliable site!), the word comes from, ‘wa’ meaning Japanese and ‘shi’ meaning paper. It can be made from the fibre of numerous trees and shrubs, but best of all, it is registered as an intangible cultural heritage with UNESCO. OMG! Sorry, I just wanted to keep the capital letter thing going there. 🙂 See, I told you my Daiso column is educational! Aren’t you glad you kept reading?


If you’re a Pinterest fan like me there are endless pins devoted to washi tape and how you can decorate your walls. I have a ‘Love Mountain,’ (a mountain decal with snow on top made from red and white love heart tape) on my wall at the moment. I tried making a palm tree scene the other day for summer but it just ended up looking like Bart Simpson.

There’s also a super-cool new range of duct tape which sticks like regular tape but is really easy to remove from the walls. Yes people, that means your landlord or landlady will not keep your bond if ever you decide to move out.


Okay, the best part of Daiso… food products.

Banana chips. Nothing else to say here really. Banana chips. 108 yen for a huge packet. When I eat them I always think, I can die in peace tonight. Banana chips, just in case you need reminding.


The miso soup from Daiso is also fantastic for light snacks or breakfast. The average instant pack includes 10 little sachets and again, for 108 yen, this is a bargain!


Last of all, my eyeliner. Yep, you read that correctly. I use Daiso eyeliner. Two of my friends scoffed at me the other day. Let me just say, my eyeliner looks better than theirs. Bitch, do you realise you paid nearly 10 or more times what I did and it does the same thing?!


Yes, that’s my list of favs and essentials. Please do stop by and try them out if you haven’t or if you don’t believe me. You will not regret it.

This is a super long column this week. If you don’t like that, too bad. If you do like it, yay!

Ta ta for now!

Yours in Daiso…









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