365 Prompt: June 25 2017


The glasses were purely decorative. She didn’t need them. She just liked them because they made her look, ‘bookish,’ boring and predictable. 

You’re a nerd, they’d said. You can’t hang with us if you’re a nerd. 

She smiled, biting down hard on her lip with wry amusement. 

Blood. She could taste blood. She’d bitten too hard. 

Oh how little you know, she sang under her breath. 

Your daddies are so easy; no challenge at all. Your brothers. Even your boyfriends. 

Everyone secretly wants a nerd, she thought to herself. Girls like that seem so innocent. 

It was always fun when men realised she had more experience than they would ever have. It made it more exciting somehow. 

And it was all about the thrill. No one wanted boring. They just liked the illusion. 

Shy, nerdy Lacey on the outside. Vixen and man eater on the inside. 

She sighed. 

But it was all getting so boring. She needed a challenge. 

Or maybe she just wanted someone to see her for who she really was. 


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