365 Prompt: June 21 2017

So after some careful deliberation I’ve decided to stop taking photos using prompts. I take enough photos per day and so I won’t be tagging them but you can still see what I’m doing. 

I will still keep writing though and so I’ve chosen my own topic today and will be finding a new prompt for writing from a website etc. I’ll let you know tomorrow. 

Here’s today’s:

The Haunting:

I thought the ghosts were gone. I thought I’d chased them all away but then I discovered there is always one that won’t let go and haunts you long after the physical trace has disappeared. 

I was sitting in the coffee shop close to my apartment when it happened. I was in mid-sentence when I saw him from the corner of my eye. I leapt up without a second thought leaving my friend at the table slightly bewildered. 

My shoes nearly slipped on the tiles as I flung open the door and stood staring at a man’s back who on second glance wasn’t him at all. 

But you saw him, the voice whispered in my ear. 

Yes, I did, I told myself. I was positive of it. 

But where is he now then? spoke my doubting subconscious. Did he suddenly just disappear into thin air?

Yes, I thought. He’s a ghost and that’s exactly what ghosts do. I realised I hadn’t quite banished all of them yet. 

It was time for another exorcism. 


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