365 Photo Prompt: June 19 2017

From the side: I didn’t even know I had reached my breaking point until it was upon me. 

It came on me from the side, rather than a frontal assault and that was fine, but it almost missed me. I’m glad it didn’t. 

I had to be honest with myself. I didn’t trust men. I didn’t trust any men. I didn’t trust my friends, I didn’t trust the men I passed on the street. I was done. 

What I loved most of all were the fucking douchbag people who told me he was coming and that I hadn’t met the right one yet. 


That was psychobabble bullshit you told people to make them feel better and to justify your position as a ‘good friend.’

I didn’t give a shit anymore if I was single forever. My hand was more than enough and I didn’t have to worry about some guy coming everywhere and wondering each month if I was pregnant. 

I was doing everything for myself from now on. 

No man was EVER going to change my opinion on that.

I was through. 

I just hoped that I woke up feeling better than how I knew I would go to sleep. 


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